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    Mary-Go-Round (Perpetual, Soil, CEA, Vert Bulbs, New Strains!)

    Hey Farmers, Been growing 18 months now, seed only for the first 6 months, now a mix of seeds and clones. Perpetual cycle, sealed veg and flower room, A/C, Co2 etc. Running three 600W bulbs in flower, getting ready to add a fourth. The bulbs hang vertically with no reflector/housing...
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    Hello World

    Hey Farmers, I've been mining the threads for a few weeks now and I wanted to introduce myself. Not a noob but I'll admit I have much to learn. Setup Perpetual grow, sealed room, 600W x ?, MH HPS Sun Pulse, vertical hanging bulbs, a/c, Co2, sunshine #4 custom additive mix, AN, H&G...