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  1. chemistry

    Top ten albums?

    Was having a discussion with some buddies while having a bong, or two, and the subject came to dying? We all gotta go some time. And what would you like to have buried with you, I said music. So we moved on to what music, and specifically, which albums? But there are so many good albums, so...
  2. chemistry

    Weed Wine?

    Just been given a load of real frosty sugar leaf, but what to do? Hash? Or home made wine? What do you think people? Is wine a go, or a no?
  3. chemistry

    100% Indica.

    Anyone know of any good 100% indica's? On the hunt for good strain, thanks in advance.
  4. chemistry

    Small Grow For Nubies.

    Well, bumped into an old friend not long ago from my youth, and boy did he look ill. Said he had an immune system illness, said he had problems eating and sleeping, also said he was in a bit of a mess financially. Think we have all been there. I asked if he still smoked, he said he couldn't...
  5. chemistry


    What ever you've done since the last time I logged in has made navigation a lot better. :)
  6. chemistry


    Hi, just joined the site, hope to learn a trick or two, thanks for having me.