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  1. Terpeneluv

    My first dry and cure. Long term storage?

    Hey all, I'm about 3 weeks into my cure, after 9 days off full plant drying. Dry trimmed and in the Mason Jars. Very pleased with the yield, as well as the product. I've noticed as the weeks go, the flowers seem to tighten up and have greater bag appeal through this time. In fact, when I did...
  2. Terpeneluv

    Day job?

    Just curious about the folks I take valuable advice from to for a day job. If you're in this field, I'm jealous.
  3. Terpeneluv

    Can someone tell me about this drooping?

    Hey guys. For some reason these girls, especially the one on the upper right-hand side, looks kind of Droopy to me. When I left for work this morning they were praying strong and I get back and they look a little sad. I gave all three of them the exact same amount of water yesterday morning...
  4. Terpeneluv

    Quick question on my babies

    Hey y'all. Do these look ok? The color I think is fine (when in regular light), but to they seem stretched? They're on day 5. My last run, I paid little attention when at that age and they were started outside. They look healthy?
  5. Terpeneluv

    The mistakes I made...

    Trimmed half of my harvest yesterday, after 8 days off drying. Tonight I trim the other one before they're Jarred. As I was trimming the one that had some rough foxtailing, I thought about the mistakes I made being new. This list is partial as new subjects come up all the time... 1. Don't feed...
  6. Terpeneluv

    Wet-ish Canna coconut oil?

    Hey guys, As I eagerly await for my girls to dry (day 3 of what I expect to be about 10 to 12), I was wondering what y'all think about making a very small batch of infused coconut oil. If I did this Sunday (day 6), would it work? I'm thinking I'd have to nearly double what is use for dried...
  7. Terpeneluv

    Air tight cook?

    Ok, as my coco grow is finishing up, I've decided to make my own mix for an organic grow. I just don't have the time to do the bottled nutes and coco. It worked great, but I want to try a different route. I was going to take Jimsters advice and go with Promix, but I had all the components I...
  8. Terpeneluv

    Humidifier in, or outside, of the tent?

    Howdy Farmers! Sorry, if this question has been beaten to death, but I'm curious what you guys think. Other threads didn't have replies from the people who helped me out so much this year. As I prepare for the indoor fall/winter run, I need to consider a humidifier. I have just a small 2 x 4...
  9. Terpeneluv

    Is this the start of fox tailing?

    The temps are anywhere from 76 to 79.... Maybe at times. That one is closer to the light at about 10 inches, but the light is only at 80% Just wondering if it's bad and if there's anything else I can do.
  10. Terpeneluv


    I'm gearing up for another run but this time in soil/promix and I'm currently in coco. When I planted my current grow, it was haphazard and kind of an experiment (but now my life has been taken over by two beautiful monsters) and I just tossed a seed in a little nursery pot and soil that I just...
  11. Terpeneluv

    Fish Sh!t

    Hey I got a sample of this stuff but can't find any reviews or experiences. It says it's a soil conditioner but can be used with soilless mixes. Do you think this can be used in coco with bottled synthetic nutes? I tell yeah, it's one of the worst things I've even smelled! Is this just more...
  12. Terpeneluv

    Trichomes and flush

    As I'm now in week 5, it's time to start thinking about flush, but I'm a little confused as to when. Some say 14 days, some say only a week. For my questions sake, if I want 15% Amber to cloudy trichomes, would I start the flush when it's at a lower Amber count and then hopefully the timing...
  13. Terpeneluv

    Pistils turning end of week 4

    Is the end of week 4 too early for them to start turning orange? Just noticed it this morning. Out the the two I have, one has screaming white ones but the other is already starting to turn. Yes, two different strains. They're not all over the place just some here and there. I checked as best I...
  14. Terpeneluv

    Clone vs seed (feminized)

    I'm sure this is an ageold question and I've done a fair amount of research, but I'd like to hear opinions from people on here that have helped me and of who I have crazy respect. What do you prefer and why? Clone vs. seed. I managed to take some cuttings from my current grow with success. I...
  15. Terpeneluv

    Adding nutes late.

    Ok, there's probably a simple answer to this and I may have it right now but I just need to check to make sure. In order to cut down and mixing every day or every other day, I mixed everything into a 15 gallon cooler last night. Next everything up and I forgot to add PK 13/14. I went ahead and...
  16. Terpeneluv


    Hey folks, Ok, I've got about a month to go from the current coco run and I'm looking at soil for the next one. I'm having success with coco for being a newbie, but I want to take a shot at soil. I'm just not going to have the time, or be at home, to do another coco grow in the months ahead. I...
  17. Terpeneluv

    Using runoff?

    Hey folks, Is it possible to recycle the runoff after watering if it's in EC and pH range? I'm going through so much and after I vac the runoff, it goes right down the drain. Yes, it's "drain to waste" but does it have to be? Can that be reused?
  18. Terpeneluv

    Ok, what's the deal with molasses in Coco?

    Not a very productive day at work so I have spent a whole hell of a lot of time reading about molasses, molasses with flushing molasses and everything else. Of course, there are so many contradictions and it has been posted to death but not recently, or at least not recently in this forum. I...
  19. Terpeneluv

    1st in nearly 30 years.

    Howdy farmers! I've decided to move a thread I started a while back (little help for a newbie) to an actual diary. It was my first post and it's kind of morphed into a diary and I thought it was appropriate to move it here. Like the title of my thread, it's been decades for me. Back then it...
  20. Terpeneluv

    Silly question but I'll ask anyway

    If I'm on 12/12 will it really matter if the lights go out 15-20 minutes later? They're scheduled to turn off at 6:30 and I leave work at 6 and there's a chance I won't get home till about 649ish and I really want to check him out quickly. Would that harm the cycle and anyway or is it just a...