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  1. PlumberSoCal

    THC E-juice from Alcohol Tincture

    I've been making and using alcohol tincture for many years and have attempted to make e-juice from it without success, until recently. I decarb and wrap 2gms flower in a coffee filter and add 1 oz 190 proof alcohol. After 20 minutes it's good to go but I allow it to continue soaking until used...
  2. PlumberSoCal

    Scale Bugs on Weed?

    Having citrus trees means I'll always have to control scale but lately they seem to have branched out, so to speak and are finding the joy of other types of plant sap. When I found they had invaded my wife's orchids and basil sitting in the kitchen window I considered it a one off and nothing...
  3. PlumberSoCal

    Plumber's First Coco Grow

    I was hoping to plant seeds 2 days ago but found the coco I bought needed to be strained and calmag charged. About 75% dust per bag although the dust, mixed with 30% perlite looks like a good seed mix. Rinced about 8 qts of coco dust in a nylon bag then soaked in 1300+ EC from calmag for 18...
  4. PlumberSoCal

    So Cal Farmers Meet Up

    I'm thinking about putting together a meet up in LA/Orange county, possibly Nov 23rd. Anyone interested? Date could change, locations being considered are Long Beach Natue Center, Huntington Central Park, or ? To do this I'll need at least 5-6 farmers to commit (maybe a dozen). Any LA...
  5. PlumberSoCal

    Cheap ass coco coir

    The 99 Cent store has some deals from time to time. Yesterday I picked up 5 8qt bags of coir for 1.99 a bag. All they had or I would have bought more even being a no name brand. I looked up the upc and no listing. Looks good I'll run some tests tonight to see if it needs to be flushed of...
  6. PlumberSoCal

    Willie Bud

    Visited a local dispensary today and actually got a good price, $5 A gram. All individually rolled, wrapped and TCH & CBD tested amounts printed on the label. Picked up 2 g's each of: Blue Dream - harvest 4/19 THC 20.24% CBD .12MG Black Jack - harvest 4/19 THC 21.39% CBD .5MG Garlic Cookies -...
  7. PlumberSoCal

    Worth the Read

    Who want's to grow today's new strains?
  8. PlumberSoCal

    Composting, the Right Way!

    Ha, the "right way." There is no "right way." From 3' x 3' piles and turning every day or so and watering or allowing shit to age in a plastic bag or bucket there really is no "right way." The whole idea of composting is to break down organic matrer to use as an additive to plant health...
  9. PlumberSoCal

    Tea, How do you make it?

    From manure tea to weed tea I've seen some interesting recipes. How to you mix it up - what is your recipe and why do you add the ingredients you do? What are the benefits of each ingredient and how/if do they work together? What works for you?
  10. PlumberSoCal

    Plumbers Grow Diary

    Might as well start a diary and post all this stuff in one place. Chemdawg x Brutus OG - F2 Currently the only strain I'm working. Wants: Northern Lights and Chemdawg. Maybe for Christmas. Growing outside in the clay soil amended with composted chicken straw, leaf litter and horse manure and...
  11. PlumberSoCal

    Aspirin in the Garden?

    Just found this interesting article on using aspirin: I'm going to give it a try on one cannabis and one tomato. Anyone try this? Comments?
  12. PlumberSoCal

    Humpday Flowers

    Show us your Humpday Flowers! 10 days in. Summertime buds on the way.
  13. PlumberSoCal

    Slow Growers

    There have been many years when seeds were hard to come by and I'd baby anything that grew. Slow growth didn't matter and a few of those plants grew up and gave me some nice smoke. But, for the most part they weren't worth the time or effort. Today I plant a half dozen seeds every week for a...
  14. PlumberSoCal

    Their First Date

    This is the first time I started seeds end of January start of February and was hoping to produce extra large plants. The plants had other ideas. The days were just not long enough to keep the plants in a vegetative state. Oh well, instead of having to wait until the end of the year for home...
  15. PlumberSoCal

    Tranny Plant

    What I thought was a male turned out to be a hermie. He/she is sitting under my Loquat tree sucking up sunshine and producing buds and balls. I see some fem seeds in my future...
  16. PlumberSoCal


    Found a g of Blueberry I stashed in a drawer. AWESOME! The bong is fired up!
  17. PlumberSoCal

    Outdoors Grower

    I've grown in a closet, metel halid with a fan and humidifier and I've grown in the ground. Nothing compares to sun and dirt. Nothing. I won't bother with anything else.
  18. PlumberSoCal

    Slugs And Snails Protection

    Through the years the main problem I've experienced in growing our favorite plant is getting seedlings to established plants due to slugs and snails. I've lost far too many seedlings to those bastards. Here's a few ideas to help you get to the end product Copper works wonders to keep those...