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    pressing water hash

    i'm going to be running 6 pounds of trim. i have, in the past, pressed all my dried hash powder by hand. i'm looking for different methods of pressing large amounts at once. maybe 50 to 100 grams at a time. i will be doing this in a few days so i have to come up with something fairly quick...
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    Oaksterdam University

    i have attended and complete ALL courses. i highly recommend this to any grower who can make it to the area. they are slowly expanding so keep an eye out. ........... Oaksterdam University
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    outdoor scrog

    this is my first attempt at this. i usually just let them go. this year i am trying several different scrog ideas. i have flat screens. i have tomato cages. i have tomato cages with flat screens. i have a big roll of screen and plenty of stakes so i will keep adding pieces as needed. i want to...
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    how can you call this "oil"?

    forget running trim in that honey bee; use ground up hashish instead. :p
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    this years outdoor

    just getting started.
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    last years outdoor

    i put 1 in the ground last year and it yielded over 5 lbs. the ones in pots averaged 1+ lbs.
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    some of my pics

    i'm just using a Cannon A540 but it works. i will hopefully upgrade soon.
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    i'm playing with some genetics

    i don't really call myself a "breeder" but i do like to make seeds. this is a little something i have been working with for the last few years. i am growing out F2's right now. they are just starting to show preflowers. i'm limited on space so i can only grow 10 or so at a time. i have 10 going...
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    hello all

    hello all. i am a medical patient and farmer from northern california. i've been growing off and on since the late 80's. i became medical 4 years ago due to pain issues. i am currently running 2 600 watt HPS in my 3 x 6 flower room. i have 2 250 watt MH in a 24" x 42" veg room. i may soon change...