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  1. odirt

    Best light layout

    Hey guys looking for sum help, room is 17x22 , ceiling is 12+ feet. I plan on running 12, 4x4 trellis 1 plant each 4x4. I planned on 9 phantom de lights for the room, looking for best layout. Where I should hang lights. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ = plants on 4x4 squares...
  2. odirt

    Picky gg4 need help

    Hey guy n girls colorblind grower, kills me when I’m try decide what deficiencies I’m running into. Grown plenty strains and this gg4 always gives me sum type issue. Yellowing on leaves 3 weeks in flower, and had sum veg issue also. I’m in veg currently using 15ml and 40ml A and B canna coco...
  3. odirt

    Dropping In Late Veg In Coco

    Hello everyone could use sum advice, running canna coco , adding cal mag. Plants are in 10g pots at moment under 1k hps. I water roughly 2-1/-3 gallons every other day. From 8-12 ml a&b usually bout 2ml calmag per gallon. The strain is ghost train haze from rare Dank. I notice here to b a lil...
  4. odirt

    Logic And Thcfarmer

    Id like to thank logic for walking me thru 2 orders with thcfarmer and bitcoins transactions. I'm not to hip on computers and any new trends. Was very helpful and simplified things for me promptly. Ordered within 30 minuutes package arrived within 10 days .. Again thanks for the patience you...
  5. odirt

    200 Or 300 Amp

    I had a electrian upgrade my 100 amp 2 unit panels to a 200 amp panel main floor while still keeping the second floor panel . I know it's confusing . Problem I have is I no longer can get ahold of electrian and trying to be discrete as possible. Question being, now my main panel is 200 amps, the...