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    My setup [Opinions?, Ideas? Comments?]

    n:vision CFL (Not sure how many watts) (will update tomorrow) I might be hanging another light bulb ballast and another big CFL for the box. I also might code that clear box with reflective plumbers tape, Put chicken wire through it and scrog some plants in that box under my other...
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    sick plants??

    Sounds like bad genetics, That's all.
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    Riddle me this? "Veg Time"

    Of you have good enough lighting, you can fill your closet and have them grow until the lights are so close they will burn the leafs a bit (I suggest you flower them before that happens, And it will take several months for this.
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    Heat mats and germination.

    Wet wash cloths, Roll your seeds in it, Put it in an air tight baggie, put it in a dark spot under 1 mat and you will have them germinated in 24-48 hours.
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    A little help please....

    What kind of lights are you using? It's either small and looks 2 big in the pic or idk, But if its a decent height in real life, Then it's light stretched....
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    Please Explain Flowering Dates

    If its indoor you can control how it grows, So if you keep the lights on 24/7 for as long as you want and that will veg the plant out, Then the 1st day of flowering is like what ^^ he said, When your plants receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness a day.
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    How do you start your seeds?

    I germinate them first in a wet paper towel or wash cloths in an air tight zip lock air baggie and put it in my box spring aka under my mattress so no light hits it, Then check back a day or 2 later and use a plastic cop with soil and pearl light and water the soil a bit and plant the seed an...
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    Please Help Save my Crop

    It's turning yellow and has brown dead spots, It's a potassium deficiency.
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    No Chineese ballast for me!

    Almost everything is made in china, I'm not sure where this one is made but go to home depot and get a 50wat HPS bulb for 50 dollars with the ballast, It's easy to use and hook up.
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    How to deal with really high electricity use.

    It's not about paying your bill, It's when you bill is a lot more expensive then what a normal house should be pushing out, then you get red flagged and they will let the police know that something is going on... 2 get rid of this problem??? Buy a generator!
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    About lights.

    ^^ I would run that for 1 plant, It would be amazing for just 1 plant.
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    clones: Three week monsters

    Care and love!!! :)
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    first time grower-lighting help

    Overkill? No such thing as over kill, The more amps and watts the more bud. If you want a decent amount of bud off 3 plants I suggest you get the HPS.
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    Growing With LED's

    If your going to grow ice obviously it's all about the crystals I would NOT use LED's you should use HPS for that type of bud.
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    Music and its effects on plant growth

    Nice but, Just because it changes the way the plant grows does not mean it will grow in a better way, It could also change and grow to have nutrient deficiencies.
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    How to Sterilize A Grow Room Organically

    Get a bucket, Fill it half way with water, 2 caps of bleach (from the bleach container cap) and just wet a wash cloth and gently wash your walls, then let it dry and air out and you will have no worries.
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    help! spidermites 10weeks into flower

    Get a little amount of soap and water and put it in a spray bottle and spray down your plants lightly it will kill them OR if you want to be more safer find a bait shop that sells crushed up spidermites and you can put the crushed up spidermites in your water bottle mixed with water and spray...
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    think my plants'll be ok?

    Way to cold, You're going to have to worry about your plants going into shock and dying. If you have a little heater put it by the old freezer with the door open so it gets some warm air in there.
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    tap water ppm question

    If the water is good enough for you it's good enough for your plants, I would still let it site for a day or 2 after coming out of the tap to distill it a bit.
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    led/hps grow-mixed strains

    Awesome light setup, You should cover the walls of it with reflective tape!