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    Crispy Yellowing leafs?

    Hi there, Im growing a couple OG Kush´s in a Pure Earth mix with Sensi A+B, Roots Excel, Calmag and some "Sweet" (guess its carbs) and Big Bud. Temp is 75-80F, space is a 4 x 4 tent, Humidity around 30% (i know), PH 6,3 Plants been doing great through veg, still doing good but 3 weeks...
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    Noise level running a UC System??

    Hi! Im new at this board, found it when googling about under current systems after the guy in my local growshop told me about it and I am just amazed. The results some of the members here get is just crazy!! Kudos, respect or whatever, its a great source for inspiration and information. With...