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    Transition between Veg and Flower

    I know in Veg you can keep the lights on 24hrs...( i prefer 20 or 18 hrs of light... gives the plants a change to "sleep" i feel)... no place on earth except for like Alaska does it stay light 24hrs.. doesn't seem natural.. but anyway My question is == when you're ready to begin flowering...
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    kinda new.. been reading.. just signed up

    hi everyone... i grow legally in colorado.. mostly hydro.. my mothers are in soil .. lights are MH, cfl, florescent all 3 i use in veg ... flowering 600watt HPS .. i'm still a bit new.. only had 2 or 3 harvests.. just now getting into the swing of things.. that's about it.. still...
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    first good grow for me

    hi ... i've been looking at this forum a while.. finally signed up... here's some pictures of my last flowering.. currently in the works of a brand new set.. different style.. instead of pots and hydro stone and perlite .. i'm going to use a top for the table.. and we prepared the room...
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    CO2 Tank Questions

    I'm new to co2 .. bought a 25lb tank and a regulator .. looking for a controller right now but don't have alot of spending money left.. what are some options? got the tank really cheap.. time to do my research. everything is sealed in plastic.. easy air control .. just need to figure out...