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    Marijuana Regulators Target Home Cultivation

    Marijuana Regulators Target Home Cultivation Since its founding, NORML has advocated that statewide legalization efforts – whether through a ballot initiative or using the legislative process – should ideally include provisions that permit and protect the act of home cultivation by marijuana...
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    Auscann Medicinal Cannabis Giant To Begin Exporting Cannabis To Other Countries! Big Pharma Only.

    So some of you still believe there will be no corporate take over in the cannabis sector right???? What do you think about your medical cannabis being supplied by BIG PHARMA? From a foreign country, no less! Well get ready for it! Or they may just move into your neighborhood and monopolize and...
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    Home Made Bud Factor X

    Word around the web is you can make your own Bud Factor X, using Chitosan. Has anyone tried this? Shag
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    Can 3 Pounds Per Light Be Achieved? Better Back It Up With Proof, Talk Is Cheap!

    This is not directed at anyone! 3 pounds per light is not realistic is it? Please post pics if you can. Thanks shag
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    Is Paclobutrazol Wp The Same As Bushmaster?

    What is Paclobutrazol WP? Is it a lower dose of bushmaster? Has anyone used this? I found this stuff on ebay I am interested in using this product on a outdoor sativa during veg. I have heard of others...
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    Anyone using IAA

    IAA Auxin | Indole Acetic Acid | Plant Hormone | PGR Hormones is a native plant compound, potent, and the most important auxin. The molecule is derived from indole, containing a carboxymethyl group (acetic acid). Indole Acetic Acid can induce cell elongation and cell division with all...
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    How to tell a quality yucca from the poor

    who make a good a good quality yucca extract high in saponin???
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    WE ARE NEXT !!!

    Canada - Government Threatens To Share Medicinal Marijuana Patient Information Health Canada has warned it will share with law enforcement the private information of citizens in lawful possession of medicinal marijuana unless they comply with a new order within six weeks’ time. Today (March 14)...
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    Brassinolide shelf life

    Anyone know how long you can keep Brassinolide once it is mixed with a liquid? I heard not long, unless you freeze it. But I would like to know the shelf life once mixed accurately . I heard the powder will last years kept cool and dry.