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  1. BillFarthing

    phosphorous myth?

    Jack's classic hydro is proof that low P works! I'm doing a 4-1-5.5 recommended by Glow. It works out to be ~125 N, 14 P, 150 K.
  2. BillFarthing

    Diy fertilizer

    Yes. It should usually dissolve in a liter. I had some micros not dissolve, so that is the recipe for 2 quarts of A and B. 12 ml of A and 12 ml of B in a gallon gives 1.0 EC.
  3. BillFarthing

    Diy fertilizer

    I'm running 4-1-5.5 this round thanks to Manic Botanix (Grant Low). Monster yeilds and cutting back Potassium after week 6 gives a boost in potency with most strains. 1.0 EC in veg. 1.2 EC in flower. Part A: Calcium Nitrate (Yara Liva Greenhouse Grade): 299g Magnesium Nitrate (Haifa Multi-K...
  4. BillFarthing

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Enzymes: use septic enzymes like Bio-Clean or Rid-X pH control: pH up- potassium hydroxide is drain cleaner. pH down- Use nitric, phosphoric or sulfuric acid. ~30% sulfuric acid can be bought at the auto parts store for batteries. Sterile reservoir: Use 4 drops of unscented laundry bleach per...
  5. BillFarthing

    Is there any point useing fulvic acid or aminos as chelts in clorined water even if cl is Low ?

    Fulvic acid and aminos are beneficial even in the presence of chlorine. Doing hydro with a non-sterile reservoir is asking for trouble.
  6. BillFarthing

    Diy fertilizer

    A bit of fulvic acid and/or pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar, liquid smoke) will help mitigate having to mix up different batches with such small amounts. Chelation (and CEC with soilless media) lets the plant uptake nutrients as it needs. Right now I'm using Mr. Fulvic and Sausage Maker liquid...
  7. BillFarthing

    Diy fertilizer Always double check a recipe from someone else with Hydrobuddy
  8. BillFarthing

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    Yes, I ran it in Undercurrents with a little fulvic acid. The EC went from 1.0 in veg to 1.2 in flower. The top off res was half strength nutes. I never had to adjust the pH and had one of my best runs ever.
  9. BillFarthing

    Tai sticks

    I think this may be posted in the wrong forum. That said, I make cannagars with them. You can get a cannagar press on Etsy or Ebay. You can use a couple things to stick the leaves to the flower- a little gum arabic or rosin for when I feel like laying face down on the floor for a little while.
  10. BillFarthing

    Mix organic with inorganic?

    Organic hydroponics is pretty fascinating. Just do a search for "bioponics" for more information. That said, the smells involved with bioponics range from baby diapers to straight up retirement home dookie. Yes, you can use organic inputs in hydro. If used indoors, it may cause someone to have...
  11. BillFarthing

    Diablo Nutrients

    There was just another Diablo nutrients thread here. They ripped off the Gen Hydro 3-part recipe. If that's the case, I'm sure the rest of their line is nothing new. It's all the same 16 elements and 8 classes of biostimulants. How many more mediocre fertilizer lines can there be in the...
  12. BillFarthing


    625 starting ppm? Woof. That's hard. I would find a hard water formula from General Hydroponics, Veg+Bloom or Jack's tap. They typically use nitric acid to help keep the pH lower with that many minerals in the water.
  13. BillFarthing

    Jack's Nutrients Cannabis Fertilizer?

    Too much potassium and you can lock out magnesium with bloom boosters or potassium silicate. I just use the base fertilizer all the way through. Low phosphorus leads to less stretching and tight flowers. Giving the plant that perfect ratio, you can use a much lower EC. The only other...
  14. BillFarthing

    Best Organic Fertiliser for soil grow

    I always used amendments with biostimulant properties- kelp (auxins/cytokinins), alfalfa (tricontanol), insect frass (chitin). I like the NPK of neem, which also has azadiractin. Neem is a complete fertilizer with a little gypsum boost. If you wanted a pre-mix that's good for super soil...
  15. BillFarthing

    Diablo Nutrients ( special “K”

    Looks like they took the NPK from General Hydroponics 3-part. I need another hydro store fertilizer line like I need a hole in my head.
  16. BillFarthing

    Jacks 321. Question about dropping calnit in middle of flower

    Calcium controls plant metabolism. When you have DE lights in a sealed room for CO2, you'll understand the high calnit usage.
  17. BillFarthing

    Jacks 321. Question about dropping calnit in middle of flower

    Jack's 3-2-1 is designed to be used all the way up to flush week. Organic soil doesn't change the nutes available drastically and Jack's doesn't have to either. If you feel like fiddling with success, try something that also works well in flower: Weeks 1-5: 3 Jack's-2 Calnit-1 Epsom Week 6-...
  18. BillFarthing

    Masterblend 3 Part Feeding Chart?

    I am, but I tend to do it as a quick-acting foliar with my LED vertical racks.
  19. BillFarthing

    Advanced nutrients. What to use and what not to use?

    I wouldn't use Advanced at all. They charge entry level growers for dolled up water and cartoons on the label.
  20. BillFarthing

    GS plant food / liquid kelp

    It's a good brand. I think people get bent out of shape about smell. If you ever do Korean Natural Farming, smell is definitely not an indicator of effectiveness.