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  1. Dr. Detroit

    Harlequin in SoCal?

    Looking for a decent cutting. I'm not very fashionable, but due to business needs I could use this strain. Anyone have any leads?
  2. Dr. Detroit

    East Coast strains

    I like some of the East Coast stuff. A nice Strawberry Cough cut would be useful, as would old Michigan Northern Lights cuts. I'm just curious if there is an outlet here in California to find these. Even with my connections, I don't know enough growers on that side of the continent...
  3. Dr. Detroit

    SoCal botrytis plague 2011

    I do a lot of professional diagnosis in the Southern California area and there seems to be a serious botrytis (grey mold) infection happening here presently. They seem to be mainly spread by whitefly's acting as vectors, though the presence of two-spotted spider mites on many of the surveyed...
  4. Dr. Detroit

    high-efficiency plasma lamps

    Ever hear of High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) lamps? Doing some research, and am very interested myself in them. Anyone have experience?
  5. Dr. Detroit

    what clones do you want?

    I'm setting-up a public garden at a collective and I'm wondering what mother plants I should get. I'll be making hundreds of clones every week probably, so many varieties will be needed (and on display). What's hot, what's hip, what's in, what's big on the street? Tell me what clones you'd...
  6. Dr. Detroit

    So Cal Breeder\Grower

    Hi fellow farmers. I'm called Dr. Detroit here in Southern California. I'm not entirely sure why, but when a name sticks you have to run with it... I'm the house pro at one of the finest medical cannabis collectives in SoCal. Besides teaching those new to gardening, I grow certain strains...
  7. Dr. Detroit

    Autoflower clone success (not impossible)

    I know it sounds like a contradiction in terms, but I have found a way to successfully clone autoflowering (Ruderalis) plants with a reasonable amount of vegetative growth returned to the clone. After realizing the age-determinance of the autoflowering plants was entirely hormone regulated...