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  1. clandestino

    Doggies nuts seeds problems

    Exactly, why does attitude even offer seeds from these shithawks?
  2. clandestino

    Ghostrider OG

    Nether can I :(
  3. clandestino

    Best Brand of Digital Ballast?

    Hi I am looking for info on the best ballast options in the UK right now? I can't go the DE route because I am growing vert trees. So 1000w digital hps ballasts are what I need!
  4. clandestino

    Hazmat Og

    Excellent, you must be happy with that?
  5. clandestino

    Pbog Crosses

    Any further info on these Polar bear OG crosses?
  6. clandestino

    New Drop Of Archive Fire???

    If anybody knows of the new gear dropping anywhere in Europe, please do share this info?
  7. clandestino

    The Casper & Wifi pheno hunt

    Awesome grow, don't think I have ever come across anybody who isn't stoked with Archive gear!
  8. clandestino

    Greenpoint seeds

    Some months down the line what happened with the GPS polar bear OG crosses?
  9. clandestino

    Greenpoint Seeds April Drop 17 New Strains

    Are the polar bear OG crosses still in stock?
  10. clandestino

    Swollen Base

    I am surprised nobody has mentioned fusarium yet, cut the stem open and look for discolouration?
  11. clandestino

    The Pollen Chuckers Club! Homemade Crosses only...

    threw some pollen from Reeferman's Royal Hawaiian male at a Reeferman's Burmaberry female here 2 phenos from the huge variety that resulted:
  12. clandestino

    Breeding Tips from DJ Short - 2002

    Has anybody experienced "backward hermaphrodites" as explained in dj shorts's book i have a male like this and i would like more info on the subject?
  13. clandestino

    My OG girls enjoyin' the outside

    super healthy plants for sure..... i hope the bugs dont hop on or do you have a plan for that?
  14. clandestino

    Blubonic and blue satellite 2.2

    sorry to hear that seed buyer i might try that strain next hopefully with better results.
  15. clandestino

    Blubonic and blue satellite 2.2

    in my garden right now these lovely ladies:[email protected]/5927389710/sizes/l/in/photostream/[email protected]/5926857635/sizes/l/in/photostream/[email protected]/5927406874/sizes/l/in/photostream/
  16. clandestino

    ***euforia's garden***

    exquisite plants mate... did you obtain the sweet tooth #3 and grapefruit from clones or seed?
  17. clandestino

    Royal hawaiian x burmaberry

    that is correct the smell from the burmaberry mother came through in the cross
  18. clandestino

    Royal hawaiian x burmaberry

    42 days... early finisher
  19. clandestino

    Royal hawaiian x burmaberry

    Backyard cross of reeferman strains
  20. clandestino

    Purkle(Purple Urkle X The Purps)

    lovely stuff