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  1. vince vega

    Anyone Apply For Caregiver Card Under The Hardship Provision?

    Curious about how many people applied, whether they were approved or not, and any other details about how the process works or doesn't work. Thanks for the info
  2. vince vega

    Current Mass caregivers are going to be

    I asked for comment on this elsewhere before realizing the subject deserves it's own thread. I'm wondering what people who've set up grows in Mass are going to do when the rules come down and you're not allowed to grow. Is this a done-deal? Only hardship cases? Even talk of subsidized meds for...
  3. vince vega

    RI plant count limits for caregiver with many patients???

    I have read differing opinions on this. Also read the actual release from the health dept and still not clear on this. 12 in flower and 12 in veg for a cardholder. That is simple enough. As a caregiver you can have 12. I interpret this as 12 total for a caregiver not 12 per patient. As a...
  4. vince vega

    Been lurking and learning from the best

    Hey all, I just thought I'd finally say "hey". I'm blown away by the knowledge and the generosity shown out here. Learning this shit on my own would have taken years, if not decades. What did people do before the interweb? Well I suppose they learned shit the hard way... and now they have passed...
  5. vince vega

    renting, landlords, hippa, wtf?

    I am new to the area and moved here, in part, for the right to grow my own meds. I'm working on setting up a grow for myself and a couple of patients. This being totally new to me...both the area and the medical marijuana laws I have a few questions. Hopefully some people out here know the...