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    Pine Queen Haze

    Does anyone know if the pine queen gives a decent yield? 2-4z's a plant? If Sub is saying its killer, its gotta be! Or any good indoor potent, good yielding variety's anyone would suggest?
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    Bend Over Bitches-LVPK & Bubba Kush-SERIOUS LST

    Thats some amazing lst'n you got going on there. They look beautiful!
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    Jury Convicts Defendant Largest Indoor Pot-Growing Operation in State History

    What a shame...They must have bought houses, and turned the whole thing into a perpetual or something with that many! bummer
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    Trichs not ambering.

    My last grow was ww, and i too had that problem...There were a few amber trichs, but the plant was mostly cloudy, and i had been flushing for 3 weeks, so i chopped it down...It was good smoke, but was looking more for a close your eyes kinda stone, and it didn't seem to do that.
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    Blueberry bubble hash

    you can see the trichs! Thats some crazy looking hash! You can see the trichs all squished together! Beautiful! Def. a work of art! What kind of system did you use to make it? just a 3 bag?:anim_19:
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    Which online grow shop do you prefer?

    Yeah i use myself...Seem to have some of the cheaper prices..compaired to hid hut, and such...
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    Kushes, kushes, kushes

    How is Kush? I've noticed a lot of people are growing it now adays...Is it a heady or more of a couchlock? I've got blue venom, and the church, and bb blue cheese...Can't wait to try them out! Starting to think about next grow now!
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    question about light fan size

    I was going to try and use two of those in line duct fans? One sucking in the air towards the light, and the other exhausting it out? Are those shit fans, or you think it would work? The vortex fans run 100-150 bucks for a decent one right? the inlines are only like 30 bucks a peice i think.
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    25 Years Growing Indoors by DJ Short - 1999

    Interesting! Thanks for the good read!:rauch08:
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    Nextgen Digital 400w is it safe, no fires?

    I was reading high times, and they gave Nextgen the best ballast award, in the stash awards! We'll see soon enough!
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    Looks like some pro's!

    I'm new on the site, and just wanted to say from browsing around, it seems to be a pretty tight nit community! I can't wait to grow some of Sonnies! They look potent!:anim_30:
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    Nextgen Digital 400w is it safe, no fires?

    Not many people using NextGen? Cool! I've read from people that they didn't like that fans, but then other people have said that it ran nice and cool? Thanks for the reply! Must be there isn't many people using Nextgen yet?:thinking
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    Nextgen Digital 400w is it safe, no fires?

    I just bought a Nextgen 400watt hps. I didn't find this site till after my order...I use Rollitup normally.. All the lumatek stories scare the shit out of me! Thats what i was gonna order and the lady at discounthydro told me they've had nightmare problems with lumatek..She pointed me...
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    quantum digital ballasts

    What about NextGen? Has anyone had any problems with those?