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    420king testing ukhem and secret recipe so let the games begin

    Connoisseur Chem I recently ordered a pack of the Connoisseur Chem. From reading this thread it sounds like Connoisseur Genetics has some amazing gear. I can't wait to get them into veg!!
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    Cure Your Medicine by DJ Short

    Awesome post! Does it matter if you clip the leaves and do the "manicuring" immediately upon harvest? You mentioned the leaves would drip and "protect" the buds and to clip the leaves when they're dry; what are the leaves protecting the buds from in the hanging stage?
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    Gooey info

    Thanks for the great info on the gooey. I am planning on trying some of gooeybreeders genetics soon.
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    Hi gang its chemdog

    Watup Chem! Cant wait to learn more from the best of the best.