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    Killin' it With Coolers.

    Ok, I think I got it all figured out now. My posts were still having to be approved by mods before they showed, so I thought I might not be able to uplaod photos yet either, but seems it was just a site oddity. Thanks, I used a bulkhead fitting through the cooler and then threaded the...
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    Killin' it With Coolers.

    Can someone tell me if my pictures are showing up? I don't think they are. They're linked from another site, I tried to upload them here but I don't think I have enough posts or something. When I click on upload photos I get "page not found, contact admin"
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    Killin' it With Coolers.

    Welcome to my 1000W Closet Camping Cooler Grow. Serious AK-47 with Technaflora nutes. 10 days into flower in these pictures. Camping coolers keep the water temps perfect with just a small icepack every couple days. Got 22 ounces last time in my closet with smaller plants that were...
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    UC with Camping Coolers.

    I've been asked by a close family friend who recently got their MMC license to help them set up a hydroponic system. My friend is an old time grower who grew in dirt 20 years ago, and just needs a little info in the hydro area. I've been running a personal 2 plant RDWC system under a 1000W in...
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    benes or dm zone?

    If you're using benes you might want to give this a read: It really seems to be a root zone cure all - for very cheap.
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    duct muffler, easy, & effective

    Very nice work sir! If you look at the intake of all modern cars you see something very similar. I just made a silencing device for my 45W "econo" air pump that I had hanging from the ceiling with a bungee, the pressure pulses were still vibrating the floor and probably going to disintigrate...