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    EC vs PPM

    happy new year! sorry for the noob question, but can someone explain which is better to use when mixing nutes? it seems most people use ppm, but i see people referring to ec once in a while. make it your resolution to help a noob! haha...
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    CAP Ebb & Gro Buckets

    Hey there fellow farmers! Just wondering if you have any experience or thoughts on the CAP Ebb & Gro system. I've heard mixed reviews and wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks and have a safe New Years...
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    E-Ballast Poll

    Which e-ballast do you use? Galaxy Lumatek NextGen Quantum
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    Where can I get Shoreline seeds?

    What up fellas? Now, I know Shoreline is clone only and all...but, they seem to have seeds for everything else "clone only." So, anyone know where they sell Shoreline seeds?
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    Anyone use Lucas for OG

    Hey guys... Has anyone tried lucas formula with og? What were your experiences? I keep hearing that you cannot use it through veg and others saying you can. Thanks and happy holidays.
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    Best mini-split for 3K/6K

    Happy Holidays! I would appreciate if I can get some advice from some knowledgeable folks. What would be the best mini-split for a 1440 cubic feet room using 3K HPS first, then 6K later? I was thinking about a dual zone 9+9 or a single 25K BTU. Also, which brands would you guys recommend...