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    ? too good to be true?

    If you click on the link you will see that is one of the "best" samples the lab has seen. It is not a "normal" sample. Don't think that is the norm..... Also, look at the break down of THCA and THC.
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    Testing...huh, I don't think so

    Cannabinoid "ratio" as FSL calls it, or the balance of the cannabinoids is far more important than high THC numbers. I think 60% + dry sift is possible, but bubble hash i don't think so. But if it was it would have to be very very potent starting material.
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    Testing...huh, I don't think so

    On concentrates.... IMO, you can not go by color or sticky/solid. The color of the oil changes as it ages. I believe it is oxidizing from contact with oxygen in the air, kind of like olive oil. I have seen oil that starts out light blonde amber and after a week or two "drying" it is brown...
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    Testing...huh, I don't think so

    I have to step in here and say a few things about cannabis testing. I am a lurker, and rarely post on any of the forums, but this is something I actually know a bit about. I am a caregiver in CO, and have been testing my meds for about 6 months. I have used RM3, Cannalabs, and Full Spectrum...