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  1. RippedTorn

    RIP: Legendary Cannabis Breeder Subcool

    Subs fam should sue Az/Prop 203. Tried to warn him about getting involved with that nasty shit. Sorry but I've seen too much lung disease to believe he just up and died one day with no steady signs of decline preceding it. RiP Sub, Fuck Arizona. Piss on em from above for us bud
  2. RippedTorn

    Plants In Dark For 4 Days..

    This technique is flushing. Stopping photosynthesis/uptake = flushing.
  3. RippedTorn

    Oxygen Absorbers in the curing process, theories and some anecdotal data.

    If all you care about is terpene preservation, get out of the weed game and grow essential oils. Natural Cannabis needs oxygen to cure. Nothing is being preserved, its being created, by oxygen and enzyme. Allicin for example is the product of alliinase acting on alliin. When allicin breaks...
  4. RippedTorn

    I Think they will get the hint

    "it's a myth" = "i admit to growing mids"
  5. RippedTorn

    headache from smoking.

    That's your unflushed nutes
  6. RippedTorn

    Is this a Magnesium deficiency?

    Plants make there own food. This thing called photosynthesis, maybe you've heard of it? Npk are NOT plant food. This is prominent backwards thinking thanks to corporate faggotism that's so rampant in the modern times.
  7. RippedTorn

    How old is old😜??

    People with arm tats don't need help they've already proven to the world they got shit figured out
  8. RippedTorn

    Stems Are Hollow

    Der it's da tube for da nutes
  9. RippedTorn

    Can e-growers please send the chemical ferts to hell already?

    It's time to end the bullshit. The ornamental novelty nute industry needs to die off, completely. From the fact a 50 year hash head can't even tell if it's weed you just handed him, to the perpetual pesticides chem growers lie out their asses about, 100% dependent on them deadly chemicals, it...
  10. RippedTorn

    Harvesting and Drying over a few days.....questions from Newbie

    That's an old hippy myth started by the thc-obsessed government/pharma, that University of Mississippi chemical crap weed. Everyone today is hopefully growing Cannabis rich in metabolites that prevent light exposure from having any negative impact. With today's quality 20+ Brix Cannabis...
  11. RippedTorn

    Options for curing large amounts of big buds?

    Not if your weed is any good. Curing requires heat and oxygen. If your buds are already stretch mark hydro poop then doesn't really matter, whatever makes you feel better i guess but freezing high brix bud just busts the cell walls and makes it degrade instead of converting fatty acids and...
  12. RippedTorn

    For All The Blurple Haters!! Learn how to use them you wont hate them!

    All leds suck until they show you the spectrum. Usually one sharp spike to get a high rating, surrounded by nothing else for nanometers and nanometers.
  13. RippedTorn

    Genetics vs talent

    And most people are in the basement begging for shit to be tossed down to them. Hell some have even carved out a glory hole in the floor. Unfortunately someone came in the side door and shat down that hole, then through them some Advanced Nutrient napkins to clean up with It amazes me how...
  14. RippedTorn

    Road Kill Skunk

    Not only do I have Yeah they never found out where Ricky Ross was getting his [suppossed] cocaine from either. What a poser. The thing about breeding Cannabis that e-growers don't get, is that real growers have been maintaining phenotypes by quantifying cataloguing and maintaining microbial...
  15. RippedTorn

    tired of pollen chuckers

    Bad weed was an inside job. Setting up the future players for success, ruining the publics perception of and availability of high quality Cannabis. You ever wonder HOW people like Dave Watson were able to do what they did, and how they were in 3 different places at once gathering up the good...
  16. RippedTorn

    Curing - Glass vs. Plastic Jars

    Oven bags until dry enough to smoke. Too many people go from hanging straight into jars before it's even smokable. Wide Q is success in all steps of production: gradual changes, not sudden curveballs. Worried about plastic? Well if your nose works you should be able to smell it. I dont think...
  17. RippedTorn

    What is the difference between MEDICAL MJ and REGULAR MJ?

    A realistic definition would be surpassing a set Brix threshold. 18 or 20. Except you'd have people feeding biofungicides, molasses and other organic home remedy nonsense on chop day, that throws off any relevance of numerics. I've been treating sick people with Cannabis my entire life...
  18. RippedTorn

    Flushing article

    You hear that everyone, cigarettes, a substance that will physically not go down my throat, aren't flushed, so shitty mmj growers are in the clear. Walmart tomatoes, a substance that literal makes me vomit, aren't flushed either. So that's two acceptable garbage crops full of chemicals...
  19. RippedTorn

    Is this bud rot?

    Phylos will save us. They are breeding for old enzyme genes that digest fungals and enzymes that produce the classic "naughty" flavors (skunk, dog shit etc) They set everyone down the terpene trail to get a head start for themselves. They are profiling Cannabis by fatty acid content and...