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    Pine Queen Haze

    Does anyone know if the pine queen gives a decent yield? 2-4z's a plant? If Sub is saying its killer, its gotta be! Or any good indoor potent, good yielding variety's anyone would suggest?
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    Looks like some pro's!

    I'm new on the site, and just wanted to say from browsing around, it seems to be a pretty tight nit community! I can't wait to grow some of Sonnies! They look potent!:anim_30:
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    Nextgen Digital 400w is it safe, no fires?

    I just bought a Nextgen 400watt hps. I didn't find this site till after my order...I use Rollitup normally.. All the lumatek stories scare the shit out of me! Thats what i was gonna order and the lady at discounthydro told me they've had nightmare problems with lumatek..She pointed me...