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    Curing Untrimmed?

    Any of you guys cure untrimmed? It's just me and the wife, usually grow about 1.5-3 lbs a year. We just get exhausted trimming. Last year i put some aside and cured it untirmm'd but never got around to trimming it, just turned it into keif the other night as this years 10 plants are...
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    What am I dealing with

    Outdoor 2-3 months old Fox farms soil Biolive mixed with soil at start Ph varies between 6.8-7.1 when I check
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    Anyone looking at what looks like an earlier then usual harvest this year?

    In Bay Area. I’ve got plants that are 2-3 weeks into flower. At first I thought it was just my clones hitting early and reveg’ing but they stuck flowering and have two seeds that are 2 weeks into flower. I’m usually waiting till mid August to flower. Ironically it seems only the indica’s...
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    getting seedlings ready for next round....(1 CFL, or sprout outdoors)

    I've got some seedlings i'd like to get ready for my next round. I'd like to start vegging them under either 1 CFL or outdoors and then throw them in my tent when this batch is done. What do you guys recommend? Is starting outdoors and then going inside alright? Can I start something...
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    Tent, switching to pulling air from inside through air cooled reflector?

    Hey guys, i've done a few searches and can't really find an answer. I've got a DR80 with a 6" 400W Super Sun 2. I currently have my valuline 4" fan running through the reflector only. Ducting from outside, to the fan, then to the reflector, then out the otherside. I have a 100 CFM...
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    Odor Control Outside (Planting other flowers?)

    I am a 215 patient in Cali growing on a patio in an apartment. I would like to be RESPECTFUL of my neighbors and tone the smell down. I am actually growing in a tent on my patio....but do not want to shell out $150 for another inline fan and carbon scrubber, and don't mind the smell...
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    Talk to me about complete darkness

    I have a tent out on my patio and it gets fresh air through the vents. Well, I have a small light on my patio that's usually on till about 10:30 pm and for the late afternoon it's not dark out till about 1.5 hours (8:30) after my lights go off. Now, the light seeping in once it's night isn't...