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  1. BuDGooDE

    Sulphered Molasses Question.

    Hi folks. I have just acquired some agricultural grade molasses and was told that animal grade molasses is un-sulphered. As it happens after a little research the one i got does contain sulpher :_( DAMN !!! what damage can it do and what should i do to prevent it. Many thanks BuD.
  2. BuDGooDE

    Ph Issues Week 5 Flower

    Well here i am again, week 5 into flower and deficiencies quite advanced. Probably because i had Ph probs before and once i got ph into range i relaxed and stopped after a while checking. Big mistake, because if id kept a closer eye i would have noticed the Ca- advancing. Also the P- Ive had red...
  3. BuDGooDE

    Looks Like We Got Buds :-)

    My grow now week 4 in flower :-) Got a girl going very yellow at back, seems like ca- but no lack of calcium. Maybe somethings locking it out :-( Delighted all bag seed plants were females ha ha :-) Any suggestions regarding yellowing gratfully recieved. Many thanks Bud.
  4. BuDGooDE

    Whitefly Issue Advice Please

    Hi all I'm pretty sure i've got whitefly, seen a few little flies flying around in the tent. I have some white spots on top of leaves and small circles on lower side, I would have taken a pic but it seems only properly visible under lights. Ive got this stuff for my garden (pic) Its Doff...
  5. BuDGooDE

    Raising Ph Of Water With Baking Soda.

    Hi folks, I've been playing around with Baking Soda to raise my water ph just to see how it works. My water ph is around 7 - 7.5 so don't need to ph up, but when nutes are added my ph drops to around 5.9 so would'nt mind giving it a go. Like i said i was just testing to see how much to use...