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  1. Shroomtrips

    Harvest. Is She Ready?

    Hi everyone. Zkittlez day 57 in canna coco. Does she look ready? Trichs are mostly cloudy with some clear
  2. Shroomtrips

    Biological Control/orius Laevigatus/minute Pirate Bug

    Hi everyone. So ive been battling thrips for good 2 weeks now, but im unable to eradicate them. So i started thinking about introducing predatory bugs to my tent. Ive purchased 500 minute pirate bugs, released a goood few of them just now. Im 10 days since flip, i can see the buds forming now...
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    Help Needed. Mites?

    Hi all. I have some zkittlez in my tent, they are about a month in vega in coco, canna coco nutes, temps at 17-23C. Is this the first signs of spider mites? Its mostly on the very bottom leaves, upper and top leaves seems not to be affected. Thanks in advance for your input.
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    3 Chems By Top Dawg

    Hi all. Is it toxicity or deficiency? I feed them canna a+b, rhizo, canazym and boost at 1.6EC and plain phed water every other watering. They are 5 weeks since flip. Dimlux 1000w expert series 440v DE @600w about 3 foot from canopy
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    Harvest Time

    Hi all. I spoke to my friend about a week ago and it had me thinking and testing stuff since then. He has 10s of kgs in his experience, if not hundreds, i smoked his weed for a long time and it is very nice stuff. I asked him how he dries his buds. I was a bit shocked when he said i just flush...
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    Hi every1. I have 3 plants of 3 chems by top dawg. They are 5 weeks in flowering, buds are building up nicely and trichy. 1 plant was behind with the growth so i thought i will keep it for early sampling ((;)) after sampling one bud i found few seeds in it. I tossed that plant out of the tent...
  7. Shroomtrips

    Please Explain This Plant Structure

    Hi fellow growers. At the moment im growing "3 Chems 2.0" by Top Dawg Genetics(stardawg corey haim X ONYCD. Out of 11 seeds i got 3 females, 2 sativa leaning tall females and 1 short bushy nice looking momma. I have cloned them, i will add a picture of them. Please explain to me why they are so...
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    3 Chems 2.0 By Top Dawg In Coco

    Hi everyone. Coco grow with canna nutes, 3 weeks into veg. Experiencing some issues. Wilting discoloring leaves. Does this look like overwatering? I water them every 2-3 days with some calmag, rhizo, canna coco a+b, silicon. Temps 18-25, humidity 40-70. 6ltr pots. Water till runoff. Runoff ppm...
  9. Shroomtrips

    Seeds In My Buds. Help

    Hi all. Just took some samples for the first time from one of my 4 plants and i found some seeds in it! But i have never seen a banana on my budsites. sample got me well high. I did inspect other bud sample but i cant see any visible seeds on it although its of the same plant. Im 2 weeks away...
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    Help Help Help!!! Weak Plants, Purple Stems, New Grown Leaf Blades Are Thin.

    Hi! Island Sweet Skunk. Over 1 month since sprout. Organic soil from garden centre(worked extremely well in the past). biobizz grow nutrients (1ml/1l) 25c temps, 24/0 light, 65-75rh. Water one leater per bucket every 3 days. Water ranges from 6.3 to 6.8. Help!! P.S. Sorry for bad pictures!
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    Help On Trichomes Needed. Harvest Time

    Hi all. I have Island Sweet Skunk at 8.5 weeks in flowering. I need to harvest it asap, because wife's little brother is coming for a 2 week visit :( just wondering if someone could help me with the colour of the trichomes. Sorry for a bad quality. 60x loop and iphone 6s! lol. Thanks!
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    Mixed Grow-2xiss And Jh

    Hi all. This is my 1st grow: 2xIsland Sweet Skunk from Next Generation Seeds and 1xJack Herrer(gift seed). I have a 600w HPS, cooltube with 5" can fan. Temperatures are around 26C during light, 20C during dark periods. I use BioBizz lightmix for ISS and Miracle Grow soil from B&Q for JH. In the...
  13. Shroomtrips

    Jack Herer 2 Weeks From Germination

    Hi everyone. I might be too worried, but is this ok for a 2 week plant? Checking youtube and forums and this plant seems to be too small for 2 weeks... its under 600hps, temps are 24-26C during light and 21-22C during dark period. The soil is Bio-Bizz Light Mix. Water PH is 6.5-7. Humidity...
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    2x4x7 Tent In The Conservatory

    Hi everyone, I am planing to buy a 2x4x7 tent, 600w hps, 5" cooltube with 180 cfm fan, 4" extractor fan with a filter, an intake fan and a 2 speed fan inside to mix the air. I have no other place to put it other then my conservatory. The roof is white, 2 windows to open, white blinds closed...