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    Shasta Counties 'public hearing to address marijuana'

    From the Redding public meeting today: The Redding Planning Commission will take a first stab at setting marijuana cultivation limits and zoning restrictions for medical marijuana collectives during a public hearing today. City planners will recommend the commission limit outdoor marijuana...
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    Red Bluff Peeps

    So, I saw in the news that the city of Red Bluff has put a all out ban on MMJ. Has anyone that lives there done any research on how a city can override state law? Now I heard that Shasta County is 'talking' about the same bullshit Anyone?
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    A/C - Humidity

    I have a problem that I could use some advice from whoever decides to read this I have a window A/C unit in my tent that works beautifully. During lights on my RH stays in the 40's np however when the lights shut off, it gets up in the 70's. This A/C is the type that has a Dehumidifier on it...
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    Why would this happen??

    Hey all! These 2 girls a GDP (1st 2 pics) and Church (last 2 pics) where in the back of my room and all I could really see is the tops, which looked good I just thought I was having a Calcium issue (which I took care of btw) but then when I was doing some "mid way" cleaning I saw that...
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    Switching over HomeBox XL to Secret Jardin DR150

    in a couple days My question: Would my babies be ok under 12,000 lumens of T5, H.O. flouros if they are used to 1000w MH? I have someone that wants my box, and I want to get rid of while I can :party0044:
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    Is this a PH issue?

    Does this look like a PH problem to you? I water at 6.3 - 6.4 and the runoff is the same none of the other girls are showing this This girl has always been temperamental
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    4-20 every year!

    I plagiarized this from the NORML blog, I already have letters ready to go and I sent a "readers letter" to HT a couple months ago... Having been involved in getting 215 passed in California, I can only hope that this administration and the 111th Congress have the cajones to do the right...
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    Not getting any better

    I have a couple problems I need some opinions on First, is a problem I posted before, in the first pic see how the leaf fringes are pointing up? People have said this is nute burn (I have only fed 1/4 strength so far) they also said heat stress (the light is 24" away and it stays in the 70's)...
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    Anyone running GDP?

    I know this strain is real finicky I have 2 going and the leaves are a little pale compaired to my other babies What are they lacking on nutrient wise you think I am running with Aurora nutes / soil and all my others are looking great
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    What is another good way to raise the humidity in my room? I have a humidifier but I need a little more. Should I just get another Humidifier?
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    California DMV: Licenses can't be revoked over medical marijuana

    Medical marijuana users can exhale a sigh of relief that their driver's licenses will not be revoked or suspended if they have a doctor's permission to use cannabis. The Department of Motor Vehicles has advised in a memo to its safety officers, who evaluate whether someone's license should be...
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    Whats my problem?

    I posted this in the wrong forum. What do you think is my issues? My room sits at 72 - 80 F. and RH at around 38% I use Aurora nutes and soil and I always water at 6.5 - 6.8 What do you think?
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    Mg Def?

    Here is my first question. Is this a Mg. deficiency?
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    Trichs turning cloudy already??

    My first question I was looking at my trichs last night on my Red Diesels and they are already turning cloudy :confused0054: all my ladies are 8-9 week strains and it has only been 4 weeks. Any thoughts? I will take pics with my digital scope when the light comes on Q :bong-hits:
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    Hello from Northern California

    Hello everyone! Just stopping by to introduce myself :hi: I will post some pics of my current grow once I get organized :cool0010: Great to meet you all :clapping Q