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    Try Next Generation Seeds Dynamite - got some on the go atm just waiting for presexing... anyway heres the blurb "Squat growing Indica strain, well known for its heavy yield and high quality bud. Very fruity, thick, resinous smoke. Deep grapefruit smell that finishes with pink/purple colors...
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    Options On Good Low Odor Strains

    not grown much but chronic did'nt smell much - or like weed, could grow it in your back yard easily
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    now what ?

    get some pics up dude, other than that have you flushed them and laidd of the nutes?
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    250 watt hps... help, please

    you could buy yourself a fan and have it blowing across the bottom of the light - it'll help to keep the temps down
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    Help with soil choices....

    Plaigorn batmix - you don't have to worry about nutrients until you start to flower, easier the better :D
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    Best Books?

    google is your friend :character0035: and the cannabis grow bible by greg green tis good
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    baaaaad ass damm funny:rasta:
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    prepaid credit

    anyone know the uk alternative? parcelforce?
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    prepaid credit

    cheers dude
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    prepaid credit

    :rasta: evenin' farmers got another question for you; I wanted to get some seeds from the bay and was all geared up, nearly hit the buy it now button.. then looked at the faq, checked the payment methods, then checked the prepaid visa option - this asks me to enter all my details - name...
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    Intake for DR60

    I keep my flaps open at night :D:D:D
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    Grow Tent reccomendations? ~

    :banana: good call dude you won't regret it... except when you want to go bigger :ridinghorse: anyway you can get a 250 or 400 in there easy, aim the fan so its between the bottom of the light and top of the canopy and that helps keep temps down - like wakenbake said:call
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    Elite Troop - the best film I've seen in years

    damm good film, also called 'Tropa de Elite', i thought it was better than city of god bk
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    please not another scrog´aholic - organic power

    Looking real nice scrog, blown away by the single bucket nets, this is all new to me! looking forward to the updates ps; you got to do a 'build a scrognet' thread in the diy forum :cool0044: Bk
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    When to switch the bulb over?

    cheers dude, got me thinking about buying a blue cfl to chuck in there at the same time as my hps is on hehe!
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    no Fresh air into my grow tent !

    i crack the window open at night when the lights are on - they still be nice and toasty under that light, and the room gets a nice airing
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    Intake for DR60

    - same with the dr80 here, no probs with just the flaps open
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    no probs dude :cool0041:
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    Pretty Big Cola. Big like a milk jug:)

    Damm they must be putting something in the water round your way! Nice
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    not too far away at all matey, just a few junctions down the M4 and around the M25 abit Looks like they got loads of selection & I've got a mate in N7, so kill two birds and all that... have you used them, are they any good?