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  1. Steve705

    New growth yellow. What is this ?

    Hey guys. I’ll try and give a quick rundown. The front 3 are gelato photos and the back 3 are wedding cake photos. In 2 gal fabric pots. Promix HP and Gia green all purpose 4-4-4. Mixed at about 3/4 of what they recommend. Added perlite too. About 15 percent. I’m running 23C with 60 RH...
  2. Steve705

    Autoflower HELP

    Hey guys. Having trouble figuring out what is causing the leaves to do this. I’ll leave some information below Strain: auto purple kush (canuk seeds) they are 20 days old. 3 gal fabric pots. Promix HP mixed with coco substrate and perlite. Lights are 2 x Aglex 1200w cobs (true watts...
  3. Steve705

    Opinions on the spider farmer SF 4000

    Light looks pretty ligit to me. I have a 5x5 space to fill. To be honest anything I get will be better then the COB lights I have now. Want to purchase something decent. Also want to go the “quantum board”. route. This light seems pretty good to me. A little pricy but I figured they would...
  4. Steve705

    What kind of soil do you guys grow in ?

    Just interested in what other people are using. Looking for a good soil recipe/ mixture. Growing indoors with bottled nutrients. Thanks
  5. Steve705

    Should I top these ???

    canuk seeds - Cinderella 99 FAST These are a few weeks old. I’ve never topped before. Are these too big to top ? Should I have done that sooner ? Might just let them do their thing. They look pretty healthy so far. I think haha
  6. Steve705

    New wifi led grow lights

    Just saw an add for the new Kind K5 wifi led. Looks awesome. Pretty pricey though. I can see this being the new future for leds.
  7. Steve705

    Seed question ?

    I grew a couple auto flower plants. I’ve chopped, harvested and I’m in the curing process right now. I’ve found about 3 seeds so far. Doesn’t look like anymore are in the nugs. At least non that I can find. Dumb question but will the seed remain feminized ? I know they will keep the...
  8. Steve705

    Trim day. 2nd grow. *video*

    Second grow turned out pretty good. Grew these autoflowers outside. Chopped em at 11 weeks. Man do I ever hate trimming. Never going the “dry trim” route again. Wet trim is definitely where it’s at. Not too bad though. Canuk seeds - auto lemon skunk
  9. Steve705

    Auto lemon skunk - beautiful colours

    These two are 11 weeks old. The colours are beautiful on them. I Just shut off the lights. Waiting a few days before I chop em. Just wanted to share some cool pics. 2nd grow. 1st autoflower grow.
  10. Steve705

    Multi coloured plants ?

    Plants are going all kind of weird colours. It’s pretty cold here so I’m assuming that’s why ? Looks badass though haha
  11. Steve705

    First harvest complete. Check out the stats I came up with

    Final harvest complete. Here are some numbers/stats that I came up with for this grow. Thanks for everyone’s help. Let me know what you guys think First grow. 4 plants. Used Miracle grow potting mix from Home Depot. 5 gal plastic pots. 5x5 room with Mylar on the walls. 6inch exhaust...
  12. Steve705

    Is this what the roots are supposed to look like in soil ?

    Just finished harvesting. Everything currently Hang drying. went pretty good for a first grow. Was curious to see what the roots would look like after and this is what came out. I hosed off all the soil. Why would the roots look all curled like that ? Is that normal ? Maybe I had em in the...
  13. Steve705

    First Grow. Harvest day = success!

    First grow. Grown in miracle grow potting mix in plastic 5g pots. Used 2 x 1200W cob leds and one 600w led. Total “true/actual watts” was 526w. Used “optimum hydroponix” nutrient line. Entire Grow went excellent thanks to everyone here. I think I got a decent yield coming. Hopefully...
  14. Steve705

    Outdoor grow. *HELP*

    My buddy has a few plants outside. 1 out of the 3 doesnt look quite right. He doesn’t know what kind of soil he used. He added bone meal, blood meal and perlite. He’s been feeding rainwater. The others are doing fine. Not quite sure why all the leaves are turning yellow and light green ...
  15. Steve705

    Harvest time Friday

    Well the time has finally come. Haha. Lights are going off on Wednesday and I’m gonna start cutting and hang drying them Friday. First harvest. Gonna miss these guys lol. Been through a lot with em haha. Wish me luck ✌🏻
  16. Steve705

    Legal purchasing - Ontario, Canada

    For any of you curious on how legal cannabis can be purchased in Canada for us. This website allows you to order whatever and comes to your house in the mail. The prices are nuts. I have tried it a couple times. Usually it’s all dried up and nasty. Gets you feeling good I guess. Can’t wait...
  17. Steve705

    Almost there !! 3 weeks left ?

    First timer. Just a couple pics of the grow. I’m at 7 weeks flower. Nugs are getting super fat. Can’t even get my fingers around them. Starting to get real anxious haha. I feel like this part of growing is the true test of patience. LoL
  18. Steve705

    Buying soil for future ?

    My grow is almost finished but I’m not going to start up another grow again till the end of winter. I want to buy some promix HP ahead of time but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to buy it and then let it sit around for a while in the unopened bag. Is this ok to do? Thanks guys
  19. Steve705

    Day 39 / week 5 FLOWER. First grow.

    Almost there. I think I’m around halfway through flower. First grow here. Already learned a ton from everyone. Thanks to all for helping along the way. Just gonna “keep on, keeping on” haha. Let me know what you guys think.
  20. Steve705

    Grasshoppers and caterpillars

    Any outdoor growers have tips on how to keep grasshoppers and caterpillars at bay. They are going after 1 of 4 outdoor plants. Checked em this morning and they just went to town last night eating up quite a bit. Thanks