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  1. Buddo

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    DP fraisan Dew 20gl smart pot, don’t think she’s gonna push on the purple phenotype, I’ve got 10 days of pure sunshine according to the weather man... should I keep going?
  2. Buddo

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    2018 DP forest dream 20gal smartpot organic living soil 10days out
  3. Buddo

    Outdoor Harvest

    What strains you running outdoors?
  4. Buddo

    Smart Pots Or Air Pots

    @Noname14 , what is your set-up going to be?
  5. Buddo

    Smart Pots Or Air Pots

    Smart pots
  6. Buddo

    Help Me, My Girls Are Dying! :(

    Oh man!...
  7. Buddo

    Help Me, My Girls Are Dying! :(

    Man don’t sweat! Some of the best growers have had the worst grows. With some pretty funny stories to back it up. I hope you get some smoke on this run and grow some fire on the next.
  8. Buddo

    Help Me, My Girls Are Dying! :(

    Sorry to hear your pain @UncleGlomt, Let’s start here : forget that Biobizz has done this to the plant(s), they produce one of the best organic feeds on the market, if anyone challenges it, then I ask them why are they so successful as a company? I’ve used the full spectrum of feed/stimulates...
  9. Buddo

    Top Dressing ? What Do You Use

    There are a a lot of options and opinions on what dressing to use and when As oldskol4ever and calirooted pointed out - if that’s what you got then go for it. FF/OB soil with kelp and WC will make you well rounded topdressing, if you wish you can improve on it with other amendments over time...
  10. Buddo

    What Is Going On With These Leafs??

    Sorry @cottageman I know very little about hydro and work with soil mostly. Here’s a link that might be helpful with diagnosis of plant deficiencies: My opinion is that you do...
  11. Buddo

    What Is Going On With These Leafs??

    Where on the plant are the leaves mostly effected? Top or bottom ? (New growth/old growth) Did you notice the symptoms in a particular spot first? If yes where and has it moved UP/Down the plant? what medium are you in ? What is the age of the plant(s)
  12. Buddo

    August,photo Of The Month

    Auto Night Queen death battle!
  13. Buddo

    Fertilizer Choosing

    If you’re having to calculate the correct quantity from hectare - to - teaspoon then I would just say one thing, this isn’t what your looking .stick with what’s known by the guys and gals that have a proven recipe for success by keeping things simple...
  14. Buddo

    Help Please. Copper Spots And Curling Leaves

    The guys on here prefer quality pics to the description of plant issues at first. Could be a K deficiency (lack of potassium) Could be a form of mite Could be a PH problem Could be all of the above. I recommend you post a pic and the guys will chime in with questions/ answers and try help...
  15. Buddo


    I’m with @detroitjoe @RuralFarmer , let them run on plain water and light, don’t remove any fan leaves! Not until you know your strains and have afew runs under your belt atleast. I had a Durban go tits on me once, it was over fed. Your in Fox soil so don’t panic about leaving it run for...
  16. Buddo

    Why Are My Plants Droopy?

    20% of the pot size, check how much runoff is coming out the bottom if it’s “a lot” then reduce amount so that there only “alittle”. next watering when top 2 inches of soil are bone dry.Lift the pot (if you can) when you have watered and again when you water next, you’ll get a feel for a dry...
  17. Buddo

    Need An Advice On 4 Week Grow !

    Transplant , water-in with feed at 1/4 strength
  18. Buddo

    homemade PH up and down

    Humic and Fulvic acids, I won’t bore you to death with their benifits.look it up if interested - I’ve used it , love it, never PH water.I use rain where possible, tap comes out at PH8.9 /140ppm ,I’m soil. Peace