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  1. ncga

    The Number One Way To Get Rid Of Mites

    Step One LEARN Subscribe to something like gpnmag Step Two Do not pass on half information
  2. ncga

    Ncga 2015 Adventure

    Will try to keep this up to date. Transition time from sup light to 50% shade cloth. A few for friends as well as to put out in the market.
  3. ncga

    NCGA Summer 2014

    Well hope to have more time to post this year as life and work are taking a LOT more time. So Based on the last few years I did some new genetics to reflect trends and put some touch ups on some of my standards. Here's this years list BBC99 Vic High original 12 years and still orig seeds...
  4. ncga

    NCGA Still Kicking for 2013

    Well I'm always here just not able to post. So I hope with no more Health problems with my wife we can have a thread start to finish. So here we go with the 2013 project Just some photos as the garden is almost in . Only the Veg garden 3 plants. Have to show I grow something. These plants...
  5. ncga

    NCGA is still kicking

    What a lonely time last weekend was, when instead of being at THE EVENT I was winding down a long years medical journey. C is finally improving so I could not let this go without doing a bit of celebration. In the next few days I will be updating my OD thread and on that front it was the best...
  6. ncga

    nc with a head start on 2012

    Well I got pushed hard to get some time to do a 2012 thread. So getting it started with the basic seed starts. Will get clone list up as well as more photos. So far this year is just as bad as last year with the Mendo weather forecast. So extra Greenhouse, heat and southern location are being...
  7. ncga

    Why should I use a respirator when applying pesticides ?

    I have not been able to get this point across so here is the information and links from a simple google search Learning Objectives Unit 7 Personal Protective Equipment After you complete your study of this unit, you should be able to: * Describe your legal responsibility for...
  8. ncga

    GA3 aka Gibberellic Acid

    Hi Logic & Billygoat I notice in the Dutch Flower thread you two were talking about the use of GA3 to pop some old seeds. I could not find any information of seeds with GA3 and no GA3 in a controlled experiment. Also some information from Calicannabiseed
  9. ncga

    Specialty Thermostat Needed

    I want to control a vent that would come on on ONLY if the outside temp is lower than the grow room. Thanks for any suggestions nc
  10. ncga

    Vent Size and fan calculations making since

    I would like a bit of help from the HVAC guys on this site. I tend to over engineer every project and have realized some things do not make since. I am wanting to control high temps and will be moving to air cooled lights. BUT I have 6 inch fans rated at 530cfm. I also have six inch ducting...
  11. ncga

    Old but not, new

    Hi All I would like tho thank the admin for giving me full privileges at this site. I appreciate the level of participants and range of budgets. I am trying to perfect my lab to be the best starting, and experimental lab it can be. It has evolved over the past years. I have enjoyed the...
  12. ncga

    Portable AC upgrade

    Well I while adding in the ducting for my air cooled lights I noticed , well was forced to remember just how much heat is radiated from the exhaust tubes of my 12K BTU portable AC unit. In the past I just had some insulation on the end neer the outlet. More to keep the hoses from leaking light...
  13. ncga

    Outdoor security meeting

    Hi All This is a new forum to me but I have found several frinds here. I plan on doing a workshop on outdoor securty in the next few days in Mendo.Of course around good food LOL ( minimal catered meal fee) I need to figure out how to get pm's without being obnoxious turbo posting. IF...