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    Pests? When is it too late to treat

    Hi guys I have a white widow in week 7/8 flower I was checking the trichomes today day foud this tiny bug, at one have clue,and how to treat?
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    5weeks Jack Herer, 4weeks of kush,3 weeks Bubble gum
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    Hi all, just wanting t start a convo on how improving ventilation will help your plants thrive,at least I'm told. I haven't mastered this as matter of fact I'm getting ready to take out a basement window in order to vent outside, and draw in fresh air . I tried the carbon filters, but I think...
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    I took clones from my not so healthy white widow 3weeks ago they seem to be quit happy and healthy
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    Good morning, update

    Ms.white widow still pouting, she grew but leaves still want to curl, shes in ff soil, w ff nutes, humidity 36% temp 81 degrees. She perked up after I gave her food, last Tuesday, today being almost a week here she is.. I added perlite, added room humidity, she has new growthbut...
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    I'm new here just figuring out this site, I have a question regarding most soil, what would cause the soil to NOT dry out? Root rot ? Nute deficiency? My plants look stunted and weak