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    baaaaad ass damm funny:rasta:
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    prepaid credit

    :rasta: evenin' farmers got another question for you; I wanted to get some seeds from the bay and was all geared up, nearly hit the buy it now button.. then looked at the faq, checked the payment methods, then checked the prepaid visa option - this asks me to enter all my details - name...
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    how safe is ordering seeds over the internet - you see the only address i can get seeds posted is to my house - which obviously i grow in - which my common sense tells me is fekkin' dumb soo whats the safest way for me to buy seeds? over the counter or a site like this?
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    When to switch the bulb over?

    onto my second growing adventure after being given some cuttings that had been grown for a few weeks before hand. (got to get some seeds next and repay the favour :handshake ) So i've vegged em in my tent for a week and i went 12/12 on Monday -any bigger then i'll be having jack and the giant...
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    oldskool weed

    just a quickie - when i was in my youth (lets just say well over a decade and a half ago :mooning ) the main types of the good stuff we used to get through; were hash (pre shittysoapbar days) or proper 'tweed' as we'd call it (african bush/thai or whatever they called it -seeded peppery...
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    pics at lights out?

    Hi all, i got an old but sturdy canon350d which I've been snapping away with for a few years now, someone said recently to me that i could take photos with the flash at lights out without stressing my plants - is this true? else its back to pulling them out of the tent for some nice piccies -...
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    another newbie checks in :party0044: a little about myself - from the Uk and like a lot of folks round here I have been fekked off with the quality and supply recently, and needed a new hobby anyway ..and you know theres only one thing to do when that keeps happening so i got myself a little...