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    Help is this purp ready????

    helppppp plz can’t tel if she needs a week or so
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    Help us this plant ready?

    The other strain of this same strain is slightly more behind and I’ll prob give a week but is this one mature enough to cut? About 75 percent brown hairs that have mostly receeded not completely tho Mostly if not all milky trichs on this one I think
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    Ready to harvest???

    Scared of bud rot so I’m thinking of cutting the main tops of this strain of the 4 plants and letting the bottoms continue. They are almost or are ready to avoid bud rot spreading or other issues, I kinda wanna cut tops on these now? Ideas? Bud rot is my enemy and I’d rather chop a bit early...
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    Are my outdoor plants flowering? Also looks stressed alittle plz help

    Hi guys got 6 females outdoors in socal 4x purple city genetics dosidos x watermelon skittles 2x Humboldt seed co amethyst- purple panty dropper x blue muffins Are they in late veg? Preflower or week 1 or 2 of flower I honestly can't tell at all I'm leaning that they in the stretch but idk...
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    Over fertilized? Help pics included

    So I have 3 amethyst (purple panty dropper x blue muffins) which is a little older then the dosido(1 got ahnilated by a lizard ) and 4 fem dosido(cookie hybrid if I recall) x watermelon skittles. Not a new grower but still learning a lot. I don’t consider myself good even tho been doing it a...