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  1. rayi

    Vacuum pump

    I keep hearing people talk about vaccum pumps. I have two put pumps from my maple syrup business. I would have to check for sure about cubic feet but both pull down to 21mm. Would these work with a vaccum chamber
  2. rayi

    Seed Cellar is great

    Took a trip to Jackson Michigan about an hour away. Hit Seed Cellars. It's nice. Has all the major breeders except Mephisto. Walked out with 12 regular GG #4 from Elev8 and two freebies of Zweet Insanity x Joseph OG. Will do a grow journal when I pop them in 8-9 weeks. No more waiting weeks for...
  3. rayi

    Hybrid seeds

    Don't know enough about seeds but I was under the impression that if you breed hybrids they will not be the same as their parents. Is this true. I'm thinking about making some high CBD strains.
  4. rayi

    Michigan outdoors

    I have looked all over and get conflicting info. Do outdoor grows in Michigan need a top on. I know it needs a lockable fence. No specific height or top. "It has to be in closed on each side except the bottom" Even the lawyers are not sure and no one at the state to contact
  5. rayi


    New to the site not growing. Looking forward to learning more.