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  1. sour power

    Is there a way to get clones legally or is that not an option?

    sup farmers! im a med patient out of RI thanks to a special person from the farm.thanks bro you know who u question is- is there a way for us RI patients to get clones legally from somewhere or are we just tired of popping beans.dont get me wrong i dont have a problem getting...
  2. sour power

    does anyone have info on Generater's?

    Looking to go off the grid.anyone with first hand knowledge plz pm me or a detail break down of everything I will need and can expect. The pros/cons.the different types of generaterts,and the most quiet.looking to use 15000 - 18000 watts so I know I need a beast
  3. sour power

    cherry lust?

    im looking for info on this of my boys told me its a strain with a crazy high and taste just like candy.he also said it cost $700 a ounce wtf,and this is the price in looking for info on this does anyone have any?thanks and peace!
  4. sour power

    ph soil problem with pics

    kind of embarased but hay it is what it using happyfrog soil in flower and my ph is crazy low.i tried flushing and nothing will work.this has never happened to me so im a bit confused.this is my first time using happyfrog usually i use ocean forest and i have never had problems.the hydro...
  5. sour power

    nyc haze or piff

    whats the closest representation to nyc haze in seed form?im dying to grow my own piff lol.ssh isnt even close.i need some feed back on this what do you farmers think?
  6. sour power

    light problem need advice asap

    yesterday i had my little brother put one of my veg grows into flower cause i couldnt get there in time for the light schedule i wanted.i wanted my light time to start at 9am-9pm.he has it at 9pm - 9am,but this time frame isnt gonna work for me at today i changed question is will i...
  7. sour power

    other coco options!

    hello fellow thinking of using coco on one of my next grows but i cant get canna coco or the nutes that zoo use's.i can get my hands on biobizz coco,grotek coco,and botanicare far as nutes i can get floranova,Gh,foxfarm,botancare pbp,AN,humbolt,BC.need some advice and...
  8. sour power

    hydroponics outlet?

    sup about to order a tent from this site and wanted to know are they a good site to order from.any info will be very helpful
  9. sour power

    zoolanders bubbashine x sr purple kush?

    hey zoo just wondering how does she yeild and what is the taste,potentcy like?
  10. sour power

    secret jardin tent?

    sup farmers! i just bought my first 3x3 flood and drain table.i want to buy a secret jardin tent to use with it but not sure if i can.the height i want to use it in is 7 1/ not sure if my ceiling is tall enough,is it?also my table stands at 4ft tall.if my plants flower at 36-42 inchs i...
  11. sour power

    white satin x ecsdv3

    does anyone know what to expect from this cross as far as potency,taste and yeild?
  12. sour power

    white satin x sour d v3

    i would like to know more about the white satin and which dominates the cross.also anyones insight is recomended.
  13. sour power

    outdoor grow 09?

    sup farmers!i will be doing my first outdoor grow this year and i want something thats done by mid main concern is that it yeilds good and finish's early.also i will be using 10-15gal pots.your insight will be valuble.thanks,peace!
  14. sour power

    alternating flower room question

    alternating flower rooms wondering if anyone has some experience or advice for flipfloping?flipfloping is having 2 flower rooms in the same place.for example instead of four 1000hps going on at one time you seperate them up into two flower rooms alternating the 12/12.when one room is running...
  15. sour power

    getting to know sog

    sup fellow farmers.ive been thinking about doing a sog with 4000watts on a flipflop.meaning 2000watts 24hours a day.i will have to flowering rooms to achieve this.ive grown dwc and bush in soil but sog i hear great things about.not really sure how many plants i can keep under each 1k,or how low...
  16. sour power

    looking for haze

    sup farmers.i was wondering if someone could let me know whats the best haze to grab at the auctions right now.i want something strong with the haze taste with a short flower period if possible.thanx in advance peace!:cool0010:
  17. sour power

    the great outdoors

    outdoor questions.please help! sup everybody i have a few questions.first i would like to know whats your thoughts when it comes to outdoor strains for the east coast?indica mostly but will consider sativa.yeild and potency is my only concern.also this is my first grow outside so please if the...
  18. sour power

    hey everyone!

    new to this site just wanted say hello.