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    New Can filters seem not packed right

    So I've noticed the last can filter I bought the carbon seems to be loose and not Packed tight you can hear it when you shake it like it's not filled all the way up I'm afraid to install it and have odor leaks.
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    Vero29 Cobs Per Sf?

    Cob growers what's the optimal square foot coverage say for a 4x4 area Per 100w cob or what ever is the highest rated wattage cob. I'm running 1000w cmh lights but want to start tinkering around with DIY cobs.
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    deficiencies in coco i need help

    is there anyone growing in coco that are having nute defs?
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    8k flowering room how big?

    hi im new here and am planing a new room with 8k of lighting and decided to come here for help. so i hope im in the right place. iv been growing in a 10x10 room with 8 plants (chronic) for a year now and it gets really crowded in the room to the point i have to craw around on the floor to...