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  1. StinkyGr33n

    Blue Dream Feminized Tent Grow

    Hi all! I've got these 5 Blue Dream feminized babies, they sprouted back on January 10th. Sorry I'm late in starting this thread, but better late than never... 😁 I'm growing them in my 5ft x 5ft tent, in Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. 600w MH in veg, switching to 600w HPS when flower time comes...
  2. StinkyGr33n

    Pollen in Canna-butter

    So a guy over in a Facebook 420 group says he uses pollen from his males in his canna-butter. He won't tell me why. I explained that pollen contains no THC and is therefore not dissolved in the butter, he called me "uneducated" 😂😂😂 So, here I am... Asking for an education, from anyone who knows...
  3. StinkyGr33n

    "Premium" accounts and "Supporters"

    I've seen these markers next to some of your handles, what do these things mean in the context of this forum? How does one go about becoming a premium member / supporter?
  4. StinkyGr33n

    Hi All!

    What's up Farmers? I'm new to this site but not new to growing or the older forums. I'm here to post some grow journals and, hopefully, learn a few things while making some friends. 👍🏻