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  1. Leelandgrow3

    Raising/lowering soil ph?

    So I'm wondering what u guys do to raise or lower ur soil ph and a reference to what u are using for that
  2. Leelandgrow3

    Another question/help!

    So I have been defoliateing stuff that doesn't get any light or very minimal light so here are some pics of leaves and they dont look so good but the plant looks happy soil fox farm ocean forest temps 77 to 79 day and night 70 to 68 and humidity 45 to 55% I have did a feed with open sesame
  3. Leelandgrow3

    So i have a question?/help!

    So I have a mystery strain that looks like to be having some problems and I'm not forsure soil fox farm ocean blend and temps are 77 to 79 day and 70 to 68 night and the fan leaves look weird humidity is 50 to 57%
  4. Leelandgrow3

    Tent number 2

    These are my other lady and hopefully a few more ladies the one I'm the middle is a fem cheese
  5. Leelandgrow3

    Rooting gel cups

    So has anyone on here used rooting gel cups I have had these in there for like 7 days and the guy at my local garden store said 3 to 5 days I should see roots I misting them and the container to keep humidity up
  6. Leelandgrow3

    Help with my blueberry

    Have to get better pics when phone more charged up cant use flash well let start temps 80 to 77 day night 70 to 68 humidity 55 to 36 my other plants are fine light is a mars hydro 900w and was 18 inches away from tallest node outta all the plants when I seen that I moved it to 20 inches here...
  7. Leelandgrow3

    Sup guys th8s what the girls doing.

    So the girls have been topped and I am doing some tieing down of the top branches to get them all nice and level like the girl in the back what do u guys thinks
  8. Leelandgrow3

    Problems with super low humidity

    So it's super weird I have normally pretty high humidity in my basement well I decided to build a room well I did that once I did that and sealed the edges and so on haven't got a door yet my humidity is like 16 to 25 during day I can fix it with humidifier and a fan to blow around it's weird...
  9. Leelandgrow3


    Well this plant is an auto super hash she seems to be having a deficiency and not sure I have temps 75 to 78 day 63 to 65 night and humidity was good till I got this room sealed up dropping to 25% but here's a video
  10. Leelandgrow3

    Building a grow room

    So I plan on building a room just for growing in my basement a room that is 8ft long by 3ft wide by 6ft high I have two 4 inch intake fans yo bring in fresh air will be buying a intake fan would like suggestions on good combos that are quiet for a 8 inch exhaust fan with filter and will be...
  11. Leelandgrow3

    Questions about my autoflowers?

    Temp 77 day to 66 night humidity 42 to 55 with 6 inch oscillating fan here are some pics newts tiger bloom 2tsp a feeding
  12. Leelandgrow3

    Lighting plans

    So I have plans but a question as well I want to put both my viparspectra 600w in my flower tent which is 3ft by 3ft by 6ft think that will be good as long I keep temps and humidity good
  13. Leelandgrow3

    Grow journal third grow

    So this is my third grow but second grow underneath led so let start off by saying these plants all started off outside then moved inside after a month they where tall but skinny cause I dont have good sunlight while my other plant was flowering so made a tent and put them in there with a...
  14. Leelandgrow3

    Very pleased with outcome.

    Only yielded 3 ounces of very quality buds I think and others as well
  15. Leelandgrow3

    I say she looks good harvested

    I say she looks pretty yummy I am gonna do a grow diary next grow I post enough I should lol
  16. Leelandgrow3

    Need help figuring out if its cold floor or deficiency?

    So thiese are my five babys and they all seem to have a problem
  17. Leelandgrow3

    Anybody do partial harvest?

    So anyone on here do partial harvest to there plant? Jw
  18. Leelandgrow3

    What u guys say another week of two?

    Her some pics with my phone lol pretty good
  19. Leelandgrow3

    Will this dehumidifier display affect my plant

    Just wondering if this will affect my plant
  20. Leelandgrow3

    Humidity high at night how can i fix this?

    Ok at I have to out take fans and fan below sucking in cool air my day temps range from 77 to 82 and my day humidity is 45 to55 well here lately at night been getting to the 60 tonight I checked it and was at 67 percent I'm worried about bud mold dont have money for small dehumidifier rn please...