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    Need a quick help

    Can anybody tell me if this is a deficiency or nutrient burn? Don't think any diseases, I have checked very clear its not, therefore that part is out.
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    I have a question guys. Do u guys reccomend using enzymes with each feeding? I use three different enzymes as well. Biocozyme, senziyme, enzyme komplete. So my other question is can I use only one enzyme product throughout the cycle??
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    Let's talk nutrients(indoor growing)

    What kind of a nutrients you guys use 🤔, list all the nutrients u guys use in your growing medium😊 I use promix HP soil. What I use: Base: veg+bloom Microbes: +life, mammoth p, hydroguard, urb natural Additives: calmag and silica(botanicare), terpinator, nitrogen booster PK boosters...