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  1. koolhut

    Best way to pop seeds?

    You are welcome brother. Good luck.
  2. koolhut

    Best way to pop seeds?

    I like to put the paper towel in a sand which bag and place it in a dark and warm area. Preferably on top of a cable box or modem box or behind a tv that is on frequently.
  3. koolhut

    Best way to pop seeds?

    I throw beans straight into GH rooters until roots start to poke out the sides then I transplant.
  4. koolhut

    1 gal verse 3 gal starting in Coco

    I started in 1 gallon then transplanted in final 7 gallon 100% coco.
  5. koolhut

    Run off or no run off in Coco

    You should water for run off to take the salts out. I water a 5 gallon 100% coco with 6 liters 2 times a day and get like 15% run off.
  6. koolhut

    What are you listening to right now?

    Millencolin - no cigar 🤘
  7. koolhut

    no smell

    You definitely have some trichomes as I can see from the pic, some white crystal like buds that is just shining from afar. But yeah northern lights is that not-so-smelly strain. If you want more trichomes and smell, spray or water some chitosan or some Bud factor X. It tricks the plant into...
  8. koolhut

    Is it mold ??

    Yo that shit belongs in the trash! Lol
  9. koolhut

    Male or female

    You can cut the male sacs off but they would just continue to grow at nice rate; you would have to pluck em out maybe once a week. If you really wanna keep a hermie, you’re just going to have to spray the sacs with pure water to prevent the pollen from dusting the pistils while plucking sacs...
  10. koolhut

    Male or female

    Sometimes some strain take forever to show sex! Still early bro.
  11. koolhut

    Can someone help me plz

    Hey man to me, this is completely normal. Looks like week 3 of flower, you'll want to see some leaves turning yellow as this is a sign of maturity and nearing end stage of the plant. But, the leaves definitely look a little too light green; id bump up the ppms.
  12. koolhut

    First grow, looking for some help

    Looks like you got some males my guy!
  13. koolhut

    Chitosan >>> Anybody Have A Good Source?

    Chitosan actually prevents mold, bacteria, and viruses if used as a foliar spray, but i would personally not spray the buds if only you had less than 3 weeks left before harvest. This comes from Tidal Vision who makes bottled/liquid chitosan "The similarity of chitosan to natural plant sugars...
  14. koolhut

    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    Thanks man. My koi are definitely keeping my gal within good spirits. 🤙
  15. koolhut

    Sensi grow

    You are good to go man. I currently use Sensi grow A + B non coco version for my coir grow with impressive results.
  16. koolhut

    Male or female

    Too early too tell. The male pollen sacs will be easily visible once time comes around. You'll definitely notice it. Also, focus around the new growth areas to determine sex. Good luck.
  17. koolhut

    I water my plant w 7.7 ph?

    For an experiment, I once watered my male plant in coco for a whole 3 weeks with just pure tap water at almost 8.0 pH (since it was going to get chopped anyways) and nothing really changed besides it not growing much at all. Unfortunately, the pollen sacs started to mature faster than I can get...
  18. koolhut

    Sensi grow

    Sensi Grow is off top all you need honestly. You should be good to go, maybe add some cal mag only for a 2nd feeding as a flush. Also, silica is a good addition to bulk up your stems and overall have a rigid structure. For flower switch up to Sensi Bloom and add a bloom booster such as Big bud...
  19. koolhut

    Lets see your 2019 outdoor plants!

    Humboldt Seed Company - Lemon Kush 10th day on flower 7gal 100% coir. Started as seed April 28th outdoors. She def throws out.