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  1. hubcap

    Hiya, Folks! It's Been A While......

    but Im still poking around. hopefully I'll run into some old, friendly faces here, again. Just wanted to stop in and letcha all know I'm still alive and free. -cap
  2. hubcap

    HEY! have you guys heard the news???

    Rapper Kurtis Blow has been arrested. :D -cap
  3. hubcap

    For ALL of my fellow farmers, young and old.

    first and foremost i wish everyone of you and yours a healthy and happy holiday season. no matter what you call it. love, light, happiness, and continued successes to each and every one of you. merry christmas and happy holidays -your brother. farmer hubcap.
  4. hubcap

    quick update....

    sorry for the lack of posts, lately. been dealing with alot of "issues" in life....some expected, some unexpected. all is well and im fine...just "spring cleaning" if you will. ive been able to do random "drive by" style posts, here and there, but time, for me, has been really limited...
  5. hubcap

    Feds accuse sheriff of Ill. county of drug dealing

    SHAWNEETOWN, Ill. – Federal prosecutors are accusing the longtime sheriff of a county in southeastern Illinois of selling marijuana, often while on duty. Gallatin County Sheriff Raymond Martin was arrested Monday and appeared in court on three counts of distributing marijuana and two counts...
  6. hubcap

    any NJ/NYC/PA farmers interested in grow equipment?

    just putting out the feelers. since operations have, finally, been moved to other locations, im left with one complete grow set up that we dont need. comes complete with everything one would need for soil OR a ebb/flow hydro setup. -tent (NO off gassing issues. plenty of pics to prove...
  7. hubcap

    Adam Corolla on "The War on Drugs"

    give it a listen im sure youll see some insight...
  8. hubcap

    Deer Repellant. Works every time.

    need a deer repellant thats guaranteed to work, this summer? hire this dude. warning: graphic video.
  9. hubcap

    How do we fix this mess?

    im watching our lovely congress debate over who fucked up worse, pertaining to the economy, ......... just biding my time to watch mr libby (CEO of Arrogance Insolance Greed) squirm in his chair today. apparently leaders of the once giant financial firm will be on capitol hill today to TRY...
  10. hubcap

    Study: Belligerent chimp proves animals make plans

    thought you might get a hoot outta this one... STOCKHOLM – A canny chimpanzee who calmly collected a stash of rocks and then hurled them at zoo visitors in fits of rage has confirmed that apes can plan ahead just like...
  11. hubcap

    dont forget to 'spring ahead' in the US

    just a reminder clocks bounce and hour ahead tonight. 'we lose that hour of sleep', as they say..... SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!! :character0103:
  12. hubcap

    --hubcap's house of acoustica--

    some acoustic/unplugged music for your thcfarmer surfing pleasure....... Colin Hay of 'men at work' fame "Overkill" "Beautiful World" "Down Under"...
  13. hubcap

    "owned" compilation
  14. hubcap GAUNTLET on line... click PLAY GAUNTLET pop up to game. X key shoots. arrow keys move your character DONT SHOOT FOOD
  15. hubcap

    ...a special thanks.... the following for taking the time to make and donate this months freebies....... hopefully we'll get our stuff out soon as well, but, just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. it means alot even tho u might not hear it alot. OJD Zen Seeds Snookster Highroller...
  16. hubcap

    new desktop PC....please help!

    ok... very long story short.... got a new pc. no os. installed winxp pro installed drivers internet, obviously works and i can surf and all BUT i cant download anything. i cant even download from microsofts site. i have an ethernet card and wireless router. not sure if they...
  17. hubcap

    the history of dance. [vid]
  18. hubcap

    free PAC-MAN anyone?

    always been a favorite of mine.... go here: -hubcap-
  19. hubcap

    ****Happy and Merry ChristmaHannaKwanzaaKa*****

    love light and peace to each and every one of you -hubcap
  20. hubcap

    Hiya an extra seat?

    just wanted to drop in and say hello. i hear this is one of the new "places to be" looking forward to my stay..... -h.c- :closedeyes: