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  1. BigDawgBudz

    Needing some input!

    So we just transplanted our plants (3 weeks old) into super soil. This is our first time trying super soil. Our goal is to grow this tent completely organic and compare to our hydro grow and the coco grow we have growing. The day after we transplanted I check on the girls and they were showing...
  2. BigDawgBudz

    Samsung lm301b or lm301h?

    Something to consider is your grow space size. If it's small a QB is kinda overkill and pricey.
  3. BigDawgBudz

    Samsung lm301b or lm301h?

    I really don't care. You just shouldn't give out incorrect information. I've been running QB for a few years I don't need you to tell me to do research when I'm the one to post factual info and your sentences are scrambled with opinion and zero scientific explanation.
  4. BigDawgBudz

    Samsung lm301b or lm301h?

    I'm not trying to be mean or anything but in your last post you suggested COB and now your saying you have a QB with no IR or UV. Hmm.... Having 25 UV and 25 IR chips out of 1200 diodes running at 480 watts is nothing (true 480 at the wall with no fan), you aren't sacrificing anything actually...
  5. BigDawgBudz

    Top 5 US Genetics companies.. GO!!

    Top 5 US Genetics companies.. GO!!
  6. BigDawgBudz

    Samsung lm301b or lm301h?

    Hey so I saw this thread and I know I'm a bit late but I'd like to share some personal experience and opinion based on what I've learned. Samsung diode lm301h is actually more effective in transferring energy from electrons. Depending on who builds the board you are looking at 2.7-3.03 μmol/J...