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  1. Masimike88

    Help gaia green amendments soil was pre amended

    I’m using Gaia green all purpose 4-4-4 and power bloom, ph my water to 6.3 is my ph level every feeding. I hit them with recharge once a week I’m in a 3 gallon pot and I keep getting this deficiency my soil ph if 6.5-6.6 wen I measure run question is did I give it enough Gaia green I jus...
  2. I

    does anyone here grow with gaia green living soil

    i was forced to quit using FFOF for some political BS and used gaia green living soil when i up potted. i fed gaia green 4-4-4 and 2-8-4 after about 6 weeks into flower and burnt the crap out of them. i need lots of advice on how to grow with living soil. a rookie here with living soil so any...
  3. G

    "Bootleg Living Soil: The Gaia Green Edition"

    I'm from the United States and can't access Gaia Green Living Soil. I've been working on creating a similar "pre-amended" soil mix, currently using a blend of 40% HP ProMix Mycorrhiza, 30% FoxFarm Happy Frog, 20% earthworm castings, and 444 (3 tablespoons per gallon). I plan on eliminating the...
  4. WickedMichelle

    So overwhelmed, I need a mentor! :)

    That is a familiar name. I will check them out. 👍 Question.... it looks like advanced nutrients are for growing marijuana. Wouldn't a company dedicated to the growth promotion of a specific species formulate their chemicals especially for that plants best growth?
  5. I

    What ph to use with gaia green

    Guys I‘m following mr cannucks way of growing and I have a question. When using coco pre amended with gaia greens 444 and 284, a ratio of 70/30, what ph should the water have when I‘m watering?
  6. LoveGrowingIt

    So overwhelmed, I need a mentor! :)

    +1 Top dressing dry nutrients once every few weeks is so much easier than mixing liquids. By the way... I'm using biochar for the first time with my Bubblegum clones. It's supposed to promote microbe growth. So far, I think it's helping. It's only been a few weeks, though.
  7. Mikedin

    Gaia green vs holland basics Gaia green, any difference? Amazon. Gave it a go and ordered. but figured id ask if anyone else has compared the 2 Especially since I the manufacturer for Gaia green in the US is “generic” and the holland basics Gaia green is manufacturerd by holland basics in thinking the US Gaia is just repackaged for labeling...
  8. M

    What ph to use with gaia green

    The best way to avoid problems, is to not use coco with Gaia green. Coco is a hydroponic media. Gaia green is an organic amendment for soil. These are completely different approaches. I don't think even Cunuck uses coco anymore.
  9. LoveGrowingIt

    Gaia green vs holland basics Gaia green, any difference?

    I assumed the brands were resellers. I bought mine from the "GrowBuds" brand. Those 2 kg tubs go for about $30 each here on the west coast. Brand names are different sometimes out here in the wilderness. About a year or two ago, I heard that some folks were buying Great White, removing the...
  10. cannafarmer420

    So overwhelmed, I need a mentor! :)

    Gaia green 4 4 4 and gaia green 2 8 4 plus some good worm castings and some real growers recharge would make your life so much easier. Just something to think about, also when popping seeds warmth is a key.i also find if humidity is lower the seedlings do fine but the shell is always stuck on...
  11. budsofgeorgia

    ga pie x runtz / red velvet x runtz grow

    nope gaia green dry amendments
  12. P

    Its hard to weed through info

    how long does the container of Gaia green last. You say as a base. Does it mean you add more nutes than this?
  13. Mikedin

    Your plants in VEG! Veg plant photo, cloning discussion , share your pre flower prep!

    Cali blues freak clone up front, then Frostette #1 back left and frostette#2 back right Still kickin it in these little half gallon..ish Gaia green cans lol
  14. budsofgeorgia

    What ph to use with gaia green

    yall ever use dr earth's i hear it's about the same as gaia green
  15. LoveGrowingIt

    Is Fox Farms Ocean Forest just ass, or am I screwing this up?

    Why? I use Gaia Green and I'm not in Canada.
  16. budsofgeorgia

    light stress or just a stupid grower ?

    gaia green all purpose and power bloom with some bone meal
  17. M

    "Bootleg Living Soil: The Gaia Green Edition"

    Bro just pre amend the soil yourself with the Gaia Green. If you do ProMix, worm castings, Gaia Green 444, Kelp meal, and some humic acids, you have Gaia Green soil. ProMix HP has dolomite in it, so does Gaia green, adding oyster flour and glacial rock dust ect will screw up the PH buffer. I...
  18. budsofgeorgia

    Its hard to weed through info

    i got a 22 lb bag of gaia green over a year ago and im still using it a 4 lb tub might last you 1.5 grows it all depends on how many plants you have
  19. cannafarmer420

    I'm new to growing auto flowers

    This would probably be the easiest route honestly, to go gaia green. Good luck ✌
  20. H

    Leaves curling with a yellowish and glossy looking tint

    Also have the gaia green all purpose 4-4-4
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