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  1. OrganicLit

    Good or bad fungus?

    So I pre made some dry tea recipes and put them in plastic bags. Went to put a tea to brew and each bag had white fungus. Is it still good to use?
  2. OrganicLit

    WPM and treatment.

    I’ve seen so mny different things on how to tackle WPM. I’m about 3 weeks into flower and I’m noticing white spots. I’ve used hydrogen peroxide with water(1tbsp per gallon) But it doesn’t seem that effective. I’m starting to feel like I should just cull the whole thing, sanitize and start over.
  3. OrganicLit

    Fungal infection?

    what to do?
  4. OrganicLit

    Best Co2 monitor and controller?

    Ive been searching the web. Found a link to this. Reviews? What system is used by fellow growers?
  5. OrganicLit

    What Is Everyones Choice Of Peat?

    My local garden center just got in a few different types of Peat. These 2 in the pic, and I saw another kind on my way out that had SUNSHINE in red letters on the side. What brands do you guys like? Any tips and info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. OrganicLit


    Anyone ever use vermeculite for aeration? First time with it and I think im regretting it. Soil is clumping. Seems like it retains too much water. Any tips? More perlite? I folkowed a recipe that called for 50/50 perl/verm
  7. OrganicLit

    Water Storage.

    I'm almost done building my new indoor room. I'm currently on the hunt for a 55gal drum to use as water storage. I have found a few local used but they have stored things like soap for car wash and antifreeze. I'm wondering if these drums can be cleaned to the point where they are safe to store...
  8. OrganicLit

    Smelly Soil.

    I have a very very mild sewage smell in my new living mix. We are 22 days into the cook. To my understanding a sewage smell in a soil mix means lack of oxygen or poor drainage. Ive fixed the issues but I'm wondering if ive done something to my soil that has ruined it. Any info is greatly...
  9. OrganicLit


    Does anyone know of a service that imports land race strains? Id like to get my hands on some beans from the middle east.
  10. OrganicLit


    Ive been growing for a few years with a living soil method and I've only grown from seed. Ive done some research on cloning and I'm confident but I would like a word from the community on the best way to long veg a plant and keep it fed consistently. Liquid nutes? Or maybe cook up a new soil...
  11. OrganicLit

    "cooking" Soil In Plastic Tote?

    I have a 40gal tote I'm letting my soil cook in. It's not an air sealed container. Is this ok for cooking? Should I make holes in the sides, top or bottom for aeration?
  12. OrganicLit

    What Happens If My Living Soil Freezes?

    Will microbial life start up again after it defrosts?
  13. OrganicLit

    Anyone Have A Diy Led Checklist?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking into building my own LED. I've been doing the research to find the necessary parts but I'm finding dated articles/tech. Im looking to find a checklist of the newer tech I'll need. Between running my father's business, being a new dad and starting a commercial hemp farm I...
  14. OrganicLit

    Anyone Use Led Bulb Lights

    I just grew some autos and they came out really small. Like 16 inches. It got me thinking. What if I grew the same auto genetics as like a desktop arrangement with this type of light? Or two? Would I get a small desktop sized pot plant?
  15. OrganicLit

    Spiking Seedling Cups?

    I just popped about 8 seeds. Ive got them started in the Organic Roots soil mix with mild amounts of a nitrogen spike in 3 spots around the wall of the cup. Idk if im going over board with the spikes or not. Kind of experimenting. Im assuming by the time the roots reach the spikes it would have...
  16. OrganicLit

    Growing With The Revs Tlo Formula

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum. This is my second grow ever. I'm following the Revs soil formula pretty good. (After germination the seeds were put into the base soil mix - soil,perlite,coco,castings - with no amendments. This is because i got way to happy and excited and popped my seedies...