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  1. bpkop

    Auto Watering Setup (help/incite needed)

    Quick breakdown of my current setup: VEG: 4x4 tent w/2x 4 bulb t5s 9-16 5gal pots FLOWER: 5x5 tent w/750w Gavita DE 9-16 5gal pots I plan to trigger it "by hand" at first to get a good sense of how much water they need and how long ill have to run the pump, then get a digital timer once i...
  2. bpkop

    Bubba Cookies Grow Journal (divine Genetics)

    Lets get it started! First thread on here but im a long time forum surfer. Just got my order of Bubba Cookies and ill be poppin them ASAP. Ill give a little run down of my current set up. Its a "perpetual grow" so seeds always kind of throw things off for a little. VEG: 4x4 tent with 2x 4-bulb...