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  1. Growbekenobi

    Dry room techniques and drying setups

    I feel like the whole plant hang is increasing the humidity around the buds themselves. Which would be a good thing if you've got a dehumidifier running.
  2. Growbekenobi

    sick or time to flush

    For sure cut out fertz and just plain water till she's done.
  3. Growbekenobi

    IS this normal?

    Pretty sure it's a heat issue, do the lower buds have same issue or just the tops?
  4. Growbekenobi

    To prun or not

    I've seen people trim down till there was basically nothing left but the ends of the nodes, you can trim out all the Bushy small stuff you want, half of it will end up in butter because it's not dense enough to smoke.
  5. Growbekenobi

    Mainlining purple indica strain 16 main colas

    I've never had the patience to follow through with training this uniform. Keep it up looks great!
  6. Growbekenobi

    bugs bugs bugs

    Alot of bugs will shed their exoskeleton as the mature, that might be the debris? Leaves look healthy though which is good.
  7. Growbekenobi

    Need help figuring out if its cold floor or deficiency?

    How cold is the room getting? Also when I had thick leathery leaves l iij ke that it was from over watering
  8. Growbekenobi

    What is this?

    Looks like bud rot, that white thing might be fungus? If your drying try and keep the humidity down and air moving. Also get rid of any signs of mold as it will spread to other plants.
  9. Growbekenobi

    To prun or not

    The only problem I've ran into with bushy plants outdoors was how easy it was to inspect for mold and pests. A light trim around the middle wouldn't hurt, will let more light in and make it easier to spot issues. Looking good though!
  10. Growbekenobi

    Bagseed/Clone Tent Grow

    Chopped the plants tonight! About 80% milky trichs 20% clear. Both at 10 wks, would've went but I've gotta work trip coming up next week. Tried to get a good fade, but the soil just seemed to keep feeding them. 3wk flush on one and a 2 wk on the other.
  11. Growbekenobi

    Help! Cant tell if my plant went hermie or not!

    Came in and saw this! Just popped up overnight!
  12. Growbekenobi

    Need help figuring out what’s going on

    Looks good to me, you would know if it was a hermie. If your looking over your plants every day or so, keeping her trimmed up and are specifically looking for nanners or balls they'd stand out like a sore thumb
  13. Growbekenobi

    Need help strangers plant no fruits??

    Keep it in the sun during the day and in the dark at night, don't shine lights on it at night or it will grow big hairy balls and start getting everybody pregnant.
  14. Growbekenobi

    Can you tell me what's wrong?

    Looks like Over watering, drill holes in bottom and sides of buckets. Put pan underneath and wait for soil to dry before re watering.
  15. Growbekenobi

    Need help strangers plant no fruits??

    Reveging means it's dark period ( night time) is probably getting interrupted by some kind of light-porch -street-window. And has quit producing flower or ( fruit ) stranger
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    Currently running 2 ECSD bagseeds that took me by surprise both at 9 weeks, she's a chunker! Your setup looks legit, sounds like a fun project, good luck!
  17. Growbekenobi

    Help with plant

    Yeah kinda looks like over watering, and if you don't have any holes in the sides of that bucket the moisture will sit causing root rot and other issues.
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    Need help strangers plant no fruits??

    At least 8 weeks from the looks of it, just make sure to keep it out of the light at night and you should be good 🤙also tryand give it direct sunlight if you can
  19. Growbekenobi

    Need help strangers plant no fruits??

    If it's only 3 months old and outdoor, its most likely just now maturing should start seeing more pistols soon, it could also be porch lights/street lights/ affecting it's dark period if that might be an issue
  20. Growbekenobi

    Need help strangers plant no fruits??

    Outdoor or indoor?