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    Ppm3 wiring

    Hey everyone - can someone please check where the black / white wires go into the back of the ppm3. There are about 10 slots, and I'm curious which slots black and white go into. No electric ignition. They are held in by a small set screw. As is I believe they're wired incorrectly because the...
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    Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation!!!!

    WOW! :sign0065: Not even sure if this has been brought up here yet -- Found it and immediately decided to post.. anyone running mozilla firefox is probably getting the same thing when they open there browser
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    "Ignore" option

    When you put somebody on your ignore list, can they see threads/posts you make?? Or can you just NOT see the posts/threads THEY made?
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    PM infested smoke

    Hey everyone. This may sound really a bit insane...but I wanted to get everyones opinions on smoking weed that had powdery mildew. I'm sure there is plenty of medicine going around the states in which had or has PM. Its just something that happens to come around in this precious hobby, and...
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    Electrical - Room is hot - bulbs not firing

    Ok, so... The room has power, from the main panel, to the subpanel. The ballast has power, from the wall, to the ballast, and to the hood.. The bulb will attempt to fire once or twice, and remain unlit. The ballast/bulb is not the problem, as it will fire off of an extension cord ran to...
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    Vote NO!

    I think this is the RIGHT reason to Vote NO. This Bill is Majorly flawed! Peron, co-author of Proposition 215, cites three "fatal flaws" in the Oaksterdamn U initiative . These can be described as limits, taxes, and penalties regarding minors. Regarding the limits of one ounce and 25...
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    10kw BLOOM ROOM

    10kw of lighting 36,000 BTU A/C 8" fan for row of lights RO 200 gpd Gen2 co2 running from natural gas line 12" + carbonfilter moving air 4 osc. fans, 1 stationary...getting 4 more, atleast. (2) 74 pint dehumidifiers Jack the Ripper @ Day 61 OG Kush & Original Sour Diesel @ Day 28...
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    Original Sour Diesel

    Hey everybody. I have some Original Sour Diesel in Rockwool feeding with GH 3 part and RO water. I am on day 22 of flower and I am starting to see some brown spotted spots and a little bit of curling.. I was wondering how much cal-mag people are using with this strain, as I believe that...
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    Rockwool flush - dark green leaves

    I have some girls in rockwool for the first time that are about 15-20 days from being chopped down. They seem to have plenty of nitrogen in store... Would continuing the use of a product like AN OVERDRIVE be best for the plant to use up all its remaining resources, or should I give her an...
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    Knock Knock Knockin on heavens doooooor

    I found this picture somewhere in my wildest dreams.... :icon_dizzy:
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    co2, start to finish

    Hey everybody I was wondering if anyone is having issues with plants finishing while @ high levels of co2 (1500ppm). I just heard my first instance of this but i'm assume its related to other issues. Any input?
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    co2 ppm

    delete me! sorry - double post
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    Air exchange -- two rooms, 1 co2.

    Hey. Recently bought a Gen2. Building one big room into a veg and flower room. If I have the gen2 in the large flower room, can I have a passive intake/exhaust on the veg room, just recirculating SEALED co2 air in / out of the veg room.
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    Title: Please be as descriptive as possible

    Howdy. My names HannaMan, and im 99 years of age. I live on mars, and I do all my gardening legally. I got my name from my new meter I just bought, the hand held ph/tds/ppm/temp one. Its pretty neat I must say. Anyways, I have one outdoor and two indoor harvests that have been completed...