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  1. dayday

    Vote For January 2019 Photo Of The Month

    They all look dank, mmmm this is going be hard...Goodluck
  2. dayday

    Reliable And Speedy

    Its been a while since I've ordered but i have brought many seeds from THCBay and never had a problem with communication, post etc everything has been on point. plus sometimes you get freebies which have sometimes turned out better than what I originally ordered... Many Thanks Day
  3. dayday

    Critical Kush Grow Journal (barneys Farm Seeds)

    Looking good....;);)
  4. dayday

    Critical Kush Grow Journal (barneys Farm Seeds)

    Totally agree with you with the Amsterdam stuff mate, you have to search the coffee shops to find a good smoke out there, I think there's much better stuff here in the UK these days :).. Your CK are looking lush mate keep up the good work ;);)
  5. dayday

    Critical Kush Grow Journal (barneys Farm Seeds)

    Subscribed Hi bro from the UK ;), your CK are looking good bro, they're next in my room along with some cheese and super shark... dayday
  6. dayday

    Fire Alien #3 pictures

    nice bro look dank already
  7. dayday

    Cannabis cup results 2010

    2010 HIGH TIMES MEDICAL CANNABIS CUP WINNERS Sativa 1. GreanBicycles (Vortex) 2. The Green Door San Francisco (Candy Jack) 3. Purple Lotus Patient Center (Durban Poison) Indica 1. Mr. Natural Inc (Cali Gold) 2. Elemental Wellness (True OG) 3. Tehama Herbal Collective (Bubba Kush)...
  8. dayday

    Cannabis Cup 2k10

    Just pop over the channel to cannabis cup only had 5 hours over there to holla at swerve and show some cali love, Things look like they are going very well the cali booth was very busy....but Swerve still took time out to holla and hook me up... must say well worth the visit.. thanks...
  9. dayday

    Frog in rez.

    that made me laugh.. I never heard of this before but i would take him out asap... dayday
  10. dayday

    Tahoe OG

    Thanks bro for the reply...yeah quality before quantity everytime.... will be watching fosho, I like the way you do things..... Goodluck bro.
  11. dayday

    Tahoe OG

    Nice Tex...when are they going into flower?
  12. dayday

    Deadhead day 56

    75 days is my personal preference for DeadHead 2....I have 3 phenos two are pictured above and the third is having the chop this weekend.... and dry bud shots to follow... Your 2nd pheno sounds like my Deadhead 2 "taller, wider, stretchy, multiple sites" thanks for looking dayday
  13. dayday

    Deadhead day 56

    I took them to 70 days...I had 3 females and 3 phenos i have grown two and the third is about 10 days from the chop.... @Skunkmasterflex I think i smoked all the deadhead of the Deadhead 2 (keeper) might be some small buds at the bottom of the jars (just put some cuts of the mother into...
  14. dayday

    Deadhead day 56

    If you not smoked or grown deadhead put it on ur list to do super some in flower again as we speak.....
  15. dayday

    some finished alien og

    Looks Dank fosho
  16. dayday

    Tahoe OG

    subscribed to this one....Good luck bro
  17. dayday

    Cannabis Cup 2k10

    I will there bro showing my support fosho.... dayday
  18. dayday

    Cali Connection Corleone Kush day 60

    that looks dank good job bro...
  19. dayday

    How old are you?

    31...... been growing for 2 years been smoking since birth :)
  20. dayday

    Jamaican OG

    I think its a release for Cannabis Cup so November time I think... dayday