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  1. Ashhsmokes

    There we go 33 days of flower for my 5 mataro blue(kanabia seeds) First grow

    Damn looks like you’re doing an awesome job!! I’m also on my first grow but your buds are way bigger so far lol *high five!*
  2. Ashhsmokes

    Bruce banner 2 weeks into flower

    Damn, looking awesome!!! Great job!
  3. Ashhsmokes

    Show Us Ur Vag Mondays.

  4. Ashhsmokes

    (Rookie) Are these buds ready for harvest?

    Yep I’d give it more time. Looks tasty though! What kind is it?
  5. Ashhsmokes

    Ahhhhh Shit

  6. Ashhsmokes

    Ahhhhh Shit

    Well hello farmers! I’ve researched for months and am new to growing and need some help!!! My first grow is still in bloom. Second grow is in veg and one of my G13’s is sick!! All my plants are in happy frog soil. This one plant started life 2 weeks earlier than the rest in Foxfarm OF soil in...