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  1. alpovic

    Please help identify

    Maybe you should have mixed it with some "light" soil.. Look at: "Can I start seeds or clones in SoHum Living Soils®? We do not recommend starting seeds in our soil. Use a well rooted plant for best results."
  2. alpovic

    Flowering Compost Recipe

    Hi, i want to make a tea for my ladies in flowering at 19th day. Here what i I have: -Plagron Worm Castings -Agrobacterias Bactobloom -Biobizz Fish-Mix -GO BioThrive Bloom. Can you tell me which of the things I listed above, how much and when should I use them for making a good flowering tea...
  3. alpovic

    What could be caused this?

    This strain is Congo from Ace Seeds, and the problem was appeared at nine weeks of flowering and the same problem happened on other congo, so i think this strain is suffering from the same thing as a result of something wrong I did. But WHAT ? Edit:Problem is only at top of the plant 12 lt...