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  1. SaCa

    Should I Change To Flowering Stage Now?

    What's up everybody. My plants are around day 53 from seed, there's still one more week for my plants to be 60 days old. 3 of them have showed sex already but the other 3 are not showing any signs, 2 out of this 3 have already internodes. This are no special strains but just some fine sativa...
  2. SaCa

    Dónde Estan Mis Paisanos Mexicanos?

    Alguien por aquí de México que cultive?
  3. SaCa

    Greetings From The Other Side Of The Wall

    Hi everybody, im ablong time grower but haven't been active for quite some years, I started and learned everything I know in california back in the early 2000's im here to get updates on what's new in the world of growing nowadays. Salud y que viva la Mota! Greetings from southern Mexico!